• What Are Pheromones Used For?
  • These Pheromone Perfumes Work!
  • Do Pheromones Work In Humans?
  • Pheromone Reviews For 2017
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What Are Pheromones Used For?

You have heard about pheromones and their power to increase your success with the opposite sex. Knowing how pheromones work and what results to expect will help you figure out how to choose pheromone colognes. The strongest pheromones are naturally produced by the human body. These chemicals increase the attraction that we feel and affect our decisions about choosing a partner. Pheromone products are created on the basis of these natural laws….


These Pheromone Perfumes Work!

While many companies claim they have the top pheromone perfumes available, many do not. Here are a few tips to help you get the most for your money. One thing to look for is concentration of the pheromone itself, as well as cost per quantity. Some companies only have five milligrams per container, yet charge almost $10 per milligram. Many companies don’t guarantee the products they sell, so you want to find…


Do Pheromones Work In Humans?

There is quite a bit of hype regarding the whole idea of pheromones. You can guess that pheromones is related to hormones but there is so much more that you need to know especially if you are very interested with male and female attraction. In fact, pheromones are natural chemical signals that are within your body. How Pheromones Work The signals are then released and subsequently have some kind of…


Pheromone Reviews For 2017

There has been much talk lately about pheromones. Specifically, much attention has been given to the effects of pheromones on male sex appeal. But what are they? More importantly, do they deserve all the hype? What are pheromones – and what do they do? Pheromones are chemicals produced by an animal that causes a change in the sexual or social behavior of other animals in its species. Most other hormones…


Top Pheromones Proven To Work

Pheromones! Everyone hears about them and reads about them. What are they? Are they associated with love or with sex? Humans court. They begin the process with a date, followed by a courtship and getting to know each other. Animals are quite different. Animal pheromones are primarily used for mating. You won’t find a dog asking for a date. When a female comes in heat the antennae of every male…


Why I Like Hoodia Gordonii Plus

Hey everyone, I saw alot of weight loss topics springing up lately and decided to write up alot of the basics for those just getting started and why I use Hoodia Gordonii Plus. I’ve been overweight all my life, and have weighed at my max around 300lbs. I’ve done alot of research into losing weight and thought I would write this to help anyone I can. I’m just starting my…


Don’t Buy Stamina RX

Stamina RX is a powerful male enhancement supplement that claims to boost the male libido. What is the average size of the adult penis? Surprisingly, no one seriously attempted to answer this question until 1949 when noted gynecologist Robert Latou Dickinson began writing his Atlas of Human Sex Anatomy . After a vain hunt for such measurements, both here and abroad, I gave carte blanche to the most expert of our library…


Does Arginmax Really Work?

Arginmax is popular male supplant sold online.  I postulate that if men were allowed access to the facts of size many of their  frustrations would disappear. Most men express anxiety over  size simply because they have not been provided with the facts. From a biological and functional standpoint, the only measurement that counts is the organ—and a limp organ offers scant indication of how it will look at full staff. Just as a…


Does Vigrx Plus Have Side Effects?

VigRX Plus is one of most popular male enhancement products out in the market today. The product is not actually new; in fact, it has been available to the public for many years now. The medication has been specifically designed to increase blood flow to the penis and improve the quantity and quality of erections. It is also popularly used to cure impotence in men. The medication’s formulation is a…