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17 Day Diet: What You Need To Know

Hey! I recently lost 20 pounds on the 17 day diet.

Even today I eat what I want when I want how I want. And my weight stays at 140 (70kg) – just the way I like it. It’s because I don’t want chocolate anymore. I find it disgusting at times haha… Yesterday I was out buying food to eat for lunch and I just didn’t feel like eating haha…
(I listened a lot to the tapes but didn’t read the book because too lazy).

One friend of mine who knows a lot about nutrition and working out told me once: “if you want to gain weight do a diet”.For me that sounds true. Decide for yourself.

Also drinking a lot of cold water every day might have helped me. Then there was this 7 minute workout app I did daily and I took up advanced swimming classes. Again this was all made easier by the hypnosis. I was sort of ‘addicted’ to sport. Learn more about the 17 day diet at

The 17 day diet is challenging. I have to get to 300 g of protein a day since Lyle recommends around 2 g / lb of LEAN BODY MASS for someone lifting weights during this. Assuming I have 170 lbs of LBM then i need 340. Well, i’ll keep it at an even 300. Of course that means a minimum of 1200 calories but it’s impossible to have only protein with natural foods so looking at 1350 or so. My TDEE is 2668 or so so that’s 1468 cals per day. For 5 days that’s 2 lbs of fat.

Seems almost impossible to get that much protein from natural sources. Maybe I’ll have to ramp up the salmon/tuna. I’m only doing this until Friday. Then Sat and Sun ramping up then next week i’m doing 1 more cycle, then laying off it for a while. It’s expensive! I’ll go back to my regular program of caloric restriction and ketosis.

Unless you have a very low fat percentage (6-8%), or is extremely high class atlehe all you need is a trend that show you you are losing fat not muscle, or gaining muscle not fat, – then it’s less important …

Bodyweight, together with tapemesurements, BIA(hand to hand), AND photos(or the mirror) always worked for me and my clients (even world class) … we did dexa once in a while, but only as control measurements …

Most can get very long with bodyweight, tapemeasurements and the mirror in it self … Sadly most ppl end up fly fucking instead of using their energy on creating actual results! It is important for motivation because humans are wired for instant gratification and having daily accurate numbers would provide instant feedback. I see a lot of interference with different personalities and the effects of availability of such information and possible implications on acute focus. In the end, useful, but unnecessary, and currently not reliable.

17 Day Diet and Exercise

If you are able to keep lifting the same weights, the weight goes down slowly, and you eat enough protein while keeping a kcal deficit … then that’s all you need!

In fact measuring those will be ALLOT better than measuring daily fat percentage …

Most of all, You need to focus on doing the work, not on fly fucking the results!
Changes in the body is a long progress … watching daily that you have lost 0.01% bodyfat, instead of 0.015 will not motivate your very much .. to see that you have lost 0,5% ever 14 day will move you more!

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