Best Pheromones For 2015

There are not of pheromone brands circulating on the market. How do you know which are the best pheromones for 2105? Before we review the best brands we need to understand how pheromones work.

So, what are pheromones all about and do humans emit these signals?

These chemical signals are made possible by pheromones, which are naturally-occurring odorless molecules that are found in sweat and urine. Of course, humans do emit them. The chemical signals from the pheromones are sniffed by the female of the species and transported to the hypothalamus in the brain. Now, the hypothalamus is a complex part of the brain that triggers sexual response. If the female is attracted to the male because of these chemical signals, she’d want to mate with him.

But there’s bad news around the corner.

Most humans wash away their pheromones. We bathe luxuriously, apply anti-sweat, chemical-laden sticks, spray loads of deodorant, splash on after-shave lotions, and do other crazy cosmetic things. This buries all our poor pheromones. And, even the sharpest female nose can ever get past the cologne smells.

This where pheromones in a bottle come in. And, this is reason why men use pheromones to attract women.

The long and short of this feature is that men apply pheromones to attract females. However, it is important to understand these chemicals before applying them. There are three human sex pheromones – Androstenol, Androstenone and Androstadienone. Many consider these the best pheromones for 2015 available at

Androstenol is the acknowledged female-hooking pheromone. Researchers say that women feel happy and warm inside after they inhale Androstenol. It gets them attracted to men. Androstenol is secreted in fresh male sweat, and is the most powerful sex pheromone. Here’s one funny but true fact – even men get turned on by Androstenol!

Androstenone is secreted by men to attract ovulating females, who are more likely to indulge in sex. However, Androstenone is kind of “oxidized Androstenol” – meaning that Androstenol after being exposed to oxygen for some time turns into Androstenone. Non-ovulating females may find Androstenone repulsive. You can learn woman’s language and woman’s behavioral models with the help of the best pheromones according to You need to remember in particular that at the precise moment a woman will be more attracted to androstenone based colognes and perfumes to the alpha male signals they stimulate in her vomeronasal organ. Contrary to what we might like to believe, our pheromone detection is not consistent. Androstadienone, on the other hand, does not cause that “mating feeling” – it merely helps men and women bond on an emotional level.

Men who have splashed on pheromones-loaded cologne also must get sufficiently close to a woman for her to detect the source of the smell according to other websites.. Imagine a crowded party with men and women chatting around in groups. No woman, unless she’s blessed with a wolf’s olfactory system, will be able to tell which man is emitting that heavenly pheromone smell unless the man is no more than 18 inches away from her. Of course, this condition does not apply in a one-on-one encounter. Learn about pheromone perfumes that attract men |

Men should also know that wearing pheromones is not enough to excite women. They also should be social, courteous, well-read, presentable, confident, and have a sense of humor.

Men use pheromones because women can like the smell and get insanely attracted to them. Men with social and intellectual qualities, who spray pheromones, have a higher chance of hitting it off with women though.

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