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Alfa Maschio

Women love men with a certain type of bad boy swagger. It drives them wild because they seem them as confident, sexy, and irresistible, alpha males. However, not all men are born with swagger. But this doesn’t mean they’ll never have an opportunity to attract more women than they can handle.

Alfa Maschio is a pheromone cologne for men that has a unique formula that can transform the average man into the type of man that women love.


It brings out the animal in any woman that you come in close contact with you. It gives you numerous opportunities to meet, date and have sex with hot women. What makes Alfa Maschio so powerful?

8 Different Pheromones

alfa maschioIt contains 8 different pheromones, which includes a large concentration of androstenone. This particular pheromone is sexually aggressive.

This is why people call it a “bad boy” cologne. It gives you that swagger that women love, secretly crave, and need. It’s 27 milligrams of pheromone content that will greatly improve your social life.

Make no mistake, this high-concentration pheromone is formulated for maximum sexual attraction.

After using it on numerous occasions it’s become clear to me that Alfa Maschio is for men who want to feel like an alpha male and be the center of attention! Every time I wear it, whether it’s in a club, bar, or social event, people gravitate towards me.

It even works for guys who are consistently rejected by women. It gives you the confidence that you need to become the “bad boy” she likes. What I mean by that is it gives you an edge to stand out and differentiate yourself from boring guys.

No More Friend Zone

And if you want to stay out of the friend zone than boring won’t cut it.

That is how pheromones work. You work on making your personality shine through, and Alfa Maschio will work its magic to make women see you as an attractive and masculine guy that they won’t get sexual with. This top-rated pheromone cologne gives men powers of seduction. Once you get her to adore you, it leads to more opportunities.

Use Alfa Maschio to feel like a powerful, dominant, sexy and charismatic alpha male who can walk into any room and get the attention of the sexiest women. When you have this type of personality, it’s attractive to women. Why? Because they love men who know how to take control.

Builds Rapport with Women

If you just want to have fun, chances are she’ll want the same thing because the pheromones in Alpha Maschio work wonders. And we’re not just talking about working with your average girl next door

I’ve built rapport with girls I normally wouldn’t approach due to the “amplifying” effect of the pheromones. In other words, women feel calm and more at ease under its influence. It’s easier to hold a conversation, bond with them,  and develop sexual feelings.

So yes, you can attract all types of hot women if you use it right. Maybe you just want a friend with benefits, or you’re looking for that special someone.

Most importantly, you won’t have to play silly games just to get the action you want. This is because it makes women more open to what you want. You’ll notice that they’ll want to flirt, make eye contact, and get physical.


To get the best results with Alfa Maschio, it’s recommended that you’re within a 10-foot radius of her. The formula begins working in seconds.

Apply it to your hot spots, which are the areas of your body that emit the most heat. Alfa Maschio comes in a 1.2 FL oz. bottle and the results last for up to 6 hours. Expect to get 226 sprays per bottle.

Hard and Fast Results

What I really like is that it hits hard and fast. For example, one memory that stands took place last summer when I was at the local bar. I was waiting in line trying to get a drink and these two girls were passing by me.

One of them caught a whiff of me. She whipped around, looked right at me dead in the eyes, and smiled. I knew something was up because it was a hot day. And when you’re in a crowded bar your body heat rises. So, people will notice whatever you’re wearing.

The good thing about Alfa Maschio is that it’s not too strong. Instead, it had just the right amount of balance so you’re not that “cologne guy” that nobody likes. Two sprays and you’re done!

Alpha Dream L2k

What I noticed the most with Alfa Maschio is you become that guy that girls want to meet. It enhances your sexual aura.  And it’s one of the best pheromones when it comes to seduction.

Combining it With Other Pheromones

Some guys like to combine Maschio with more social pheromones like Glace. Glace helps you come off as more social and approachable. It’s been described as a social powerhouse which makes people want to talk and chit-chat all day. Conversations are more fluent and you become that guy that people just want to be friends with.

Combining the two works great on young women.

More Opportunities

To put things in perspective, 90% of your results are going to depend on you. You need to come off as confident and you need to be able to know how to talk to women. Basically, just start off with a “hi” or “hello” and work from there.

Maschio will help you get noticed and at the very least open up opportunities. Each time I’ve worn it, I’ve got attention from women.

The Effects of Alfa Maschio

What can you expect? Well, expect plenty of jealous ex-girlfriends. You’ll also see a difference in women who’ve rejected you. You know the ones I’m talking about. Yes, those women who felt like they were too good for you. Understand that pheromones effect everyone you come into contact with. And not just the ones you want to date.

This includes that woman at the office who’s always rolling her eyes at you. Use Alfa Maschio and watch her demeanor change from cold to sexy.

It makes it easier to date women that have rejected you in the past. Women, that found you interesting before using pheromones. You won’t have to work as hard to get their attention. However, if you still want to date someone who despises you, then go for it. Some women are worth the extra effort.

Don’t wear too much Alfa Maschio in the beginning. Only put on one drop and see how it affects the people around you. Work your way up to two drops. If you’re are an older male, you may need 3 drops. Since Alfa Maschio is powerful, it sometimes offends people. Be careful when using it at work. I usually use one drop per day, but I’m young and have a high testosterone level.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you think Alfa Maschio is too strong for you, Alpha Dream offers a 90-day money back guarantee. But remember, when you wear it, women will perceive you to as dominant, masculine and sexy. Yes, it does bring out more aggression, and it might make you more nervous.

This is usually how it works if you’ve never lived the alpha male lifestyle. But keep in mind, with continual use of Maschio, the bad boy vibe comes naturally to you. It meshes with your existing personality and provides good results.

Walk with confidence and articulate with ease. Also, people will see you as a good guy with a bad boy vibe. But keep in mind, Alfa Maschio is very powerful. And women may feel your vibe is intimidating instead of bad boyish. If you don’t like the vibe or want something more suitable for a long-term romance, try a softer pheromone. Alfa Maschio is designed for men who want to attract the hottest women.


Alfa Maschio is one of the best pheromone colognes on the market for men for everyday use. But what makes it really stand out it is that it’s a true alpha male enhancer. Grab some now!

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