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The allopathic police of medicine

The allopathic police of medicine or “the symptom controllers”, rather than being “Cause attackers” of health problems won’t permit people to use the word Cure in the same sentence as the “C-Word” (Cancer) without there being a legal issue with ye old badge and gun or the executive powers that be. This being that Allopathic Medicine has a monopoly on the word disease and only there “pills for every ills” & “cut & remove” methods warrant in there minds some kind of cure or problem solver to an illness diagnosed with the word DISEASE. Silly really but a sad truth.

Now I’m assuming you already know this much that is why you say my claims are dumb and ill advised because supposedly only Allopathic medicine can have a handle on what they consider disease which is nothing more than syndromes based on causes. Yes Jay does claim he had bladder cancer and was terminal according to the doctors but I never said it would appear on the website as it was just an inference to his testimony. He also cut out meat and alcohol as well but it isn’t on the website either.

Let’s simplify… We are nothing more than a bunch of cells that make up organs with 2 fluids running through them, one being alkaline and the other acid. Now of course the organs have there functions but for the most part it is our diet that is making us unhealthy and the culprit of a lack of longevity… with some other common sense lifestyle factors as well.

It only makes sense that if you clean up the cells/building blocks and get some organs back on line through detox and watch what you eat & clean the colon that indeed we can live long and also just believing it while doing it is also a great placebo effect… ever wonder why 30% of a control group can heal/cure if you will there condition on sugar pills alone, so I never knock the power of the creator within & whom ever reading this can just plain eat there science on this one.

About this “ADVICE?!” that you SAY I’m giving??? First off I never “Should” on someone, what I’m saying are “SUGGESTIONS” based on my lifestyle and research.

Now about Vaccinations… First of all of course your body is going to build an immunity to the bug once a person is injected with it cause it’s natural for your body to fight infection ON IT’S OWN if you aren’t trashing your body in other unhealthy ways in which can compromise your immune system. The only problem with Vaccinations is that they are only just a strand of one type of bug &  THEY don’t guarantee protection against the many types of strands of the same bug or cold you could be exposed to. THINK ABOUT IT… DOES IT MAKE SENSE THAT THEY i.e.: the companies won’t directly give you a list of the ingredients they just injected in you, nor will they TAKE FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY if something goes wrong either???

Check out this little ditty on just what is in a common flu shot…

Why do I call it JUNK SCIENCE cause it is through fear & for our supposed safety that we get them in the first place… hmmmmm red flags FOR ME. So then you do a little research and find out that it’s just a pinch of mercury or an aluminum adjuvant and just a touch of formaldehyde, a dash of human strand in a poetry dish full of egg embryo’s and some other ingredients that are just insane and then spun up so they bond. Now there are documented cases that it isn’t just a recipe to help with immunity but rather breaks the blood/brain barrier and creates all kinds of havoc’s to ones mental stability not to mention you get enough inoculations your body begins to not know what is foreign and the immune system is compromised. Lastly there are NO… I repeat “NO” studies to say that these inoculations are effective and work as they should after being administered, nor will any company be held liable for damages do to loopholes and lack of affirmative results.

So this is MY story on vaccinations as “I” just say NO. No hard feeling bob & I hope I’m not stepping on toes about this. Doctors love to shove polio vaccines in peoples faces as to say w/o them people would be dying left and right like in 3rd world countries but there are a lot more factors involved with why those people aren’t effectively being helped or cured or what ever have you. For me this FEAR MONGERING is like taking an isolated incident out of context and blowing it up to ones liking for why something is happening the way it is & in this case to promote tons more vaccines that are just plain junk & insulting to human intelligence. Remember there are a lot of profiteers that benefit off sickness, it’s an industry like anything else.

Hope this sheds more light on why Jay Kurdish doesn’t use the buzz word “Cure” as that is an allopathic term, nothing more. I also hope you understand just why vaccines work but also why there side effects are more dangerous to what the body can do on it’s own.

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