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Alpha Dream L2k

L2k by Alpha Dream a popular pheromone cologne geared for men who want more sex. L2K works by increasing sexual tensions and making women more receptive to intimacy. Under its influence, women are more sexually forward.

It’s great for guys who need help with their game. In other words, it allows you to turn up the heat. Classified as a sex pheromone, L2K includes a high concentration of androstenone.


L2K contains a potent 34 mg of pheromones per bottle. The ideal dosage for men is two sprays on your pulse points. I recommend starting off with one spray the first time you use it. Evaluate your results and make sure to wash it off the next day. Then increase the dosage if necessary and reevaluate to find the sweet spot.

L2k is the type of pheromone that works best for guys who need help talking to women.  It helps them out of the friend zone.

Who Benefits from L2K

  • Spark sexual interest right away and one-night stands
  • Project sexual dominance
  • Eliminate barrier to seducing women
  • Initiate a conversation and build instant rapport
  • Need help developing their game and building confidence


If you’re a happy go lucky type of guy, then L2K may transform you into a serious loner.

But this isn’t a bad thing. I don’t always feel like myself, which makes it easier to play the role of a calm and mysterious man. Women usually try to seduce me when I do this which is an added bonus. And they seem to get sexier when I’m around!

Women gain more confidence, flirt more and become turned on. They’ll have no problem with making the first move. And, it makes you the center of attention. Plenty of women will gravitate towards you instead of the other way around. Let L2K do the work so you can make a move.

L2K has a powerful punch that young women feel fast. The mood quickly moves to a full-blown attraction. I noticed this one time when I was just minding my business at the local food court.

One afternoon a group of teenage girls sat down at an adjacent table. They were staring so hard that it made me uncomfortable. They started out by staring, whispering and giggling. Then they got louder. They were talking about how hot and cute I looked. They continued to giggle and do things like play with their hair. Were they cute? Yes! However, I ignored them because I’m not into high school girls. But it surely stroked my ego.


Women who respond to the effects tend to stick around longer, engage more in conversation, and lock their eyes on you. This was my experience using it in a club where there’s a high percentage of beautiful women around you.

These women showed more rapport, trust, and an eagerness to engage. They felt more compelled to open up sexually and showed a stronger curiosity in what I had to say.

Increase charisma and helps you stand out from other guys who may be more dominant or outgoing. Women become more playful and open and find it incredibly sexy and intriguing.


L2K has a high dosage of Androstadienone, but it’s a well-balanced pheromone for men. Usually, I get bad side effects with Androstadienone products. However, L2k just makes me sleepy. I don’t get depressed or anxious unless I wear it for several days consecutively.

Humans are self-conscious animals so, like any other pheromone product, you still have to bring some game to the table. That means having confidence around women and being comfortable in your own shoes. Don’t expect L2K or any pheromone for that matter to do all the work for you. This is why I recommend on getting into the habit of improving yourself.

Using L2K As A Sex Pheromone

If you want to use L2K to get laid, I have found I get the best results with women I already have some rapport with. As great as this product is, it can be a lot harder trying to sleep with a stranger. Her common sense will usually prevail than with someone who already has a crush on you.

With that being said, this is why I believe pheromones should be used an enhancer to amplify your coolness. Not a crutch.

Since it makes women want to touch or flirt with you, it’s one of the simplest pheromones to wear. Women that shown interest are easily aroused when I wear it. I don’t have to do much to turn them on. If they start staring at me or refuse to leave my side, then I know something is working.

L2k makes women want to bond with you. In my experience, it doesn’t take long for them to trust me. They tell me their personal secrets. Believe me! I don’t want to hear this stuff right from the start. They want to talk about their dreams and goals. But this is one of the side effects of pheromones. They are basically imprinting me in their memory. In their brains, this makes me a viable romantic partner. It’s concentrated like Pherazone with its own unique signature.

Using L2K to Pick Up Women

L2K works great for casually pick up women, getting phone numbers, and increasing interaction. In most situations, you won’t be asking women to sleep with you. However, just by creating an increase in sexual attraction you’ll create opportunities for the future.

This means more opportunities for dates, hookups, and more. This is what happened to me when I used L2K pheromones on women.

The minute she was exposed to the pheromone, I could tell a difference in the conversation. Everything seemed to flow much smoother and naturally. All of a sudden, she was completely interested in me. She wanted to dig deeper into my personal life.

Chikara Pheromone Cologne

But I did not encourage her. I kept quiet. I wanted to witness firsthand the power of L2K. As the day went on, she thought that I was playing hard because of my nonchalant demeanor.

This did not stop her from being a tease and touching me. I knew this woman, and this wasn’t her normal behavior. She was very playful and lighthearted. Over time, L2K gets stronger and makes women more sexually aggressive. They transform from social butterflies to wild women.

It Really Works

I could tell that this product was really working. Everyone could see the change. I was still very much attracted to her, but the evening changed. It went from having a social vibe to one that was more sexual and blatant.

However, I continued with my nonchalant demeanor. True, I wanted her, but I was making her work harder. As time went by, she kept doing things to make me touch her sexually. This lets me know that she was getting more and more aroused.

Yeah, we eventually got sexual with one another. But honestly, the androstadienone in the L2K pheromones sort of messed up the mood for me. This is one of the bad things about taking this pheromone.

I’ve had the same problem when using L2K with other women too. Now, this pheromone doesn’t make women get over the top wild. But it does really make them want to be sexually involved.

Summary of Effects

It provides a smooth James Bond vibe, which gives you an edge. This happens even when there are other aggressive men in the room. LK2 gives you the skills to attract women. So, don’t worry if you’ve had problems in the past trying to say something funny to a pretty woman. Or don’t worry about leaving the scene because you are afraid of screwing things up.

You’ll discover that L2K helps you attract women close to you, even when you aren’t trying. Now, how women react will depend on each woman, but at least you won’t have to stress out handling situation.

Make Them More Vulnerable

L2K works like a charm to break down a woman’s defenses. She won’t refuse when asked for her number, a date or even for a shameless hook-up. The thing about this pheromone is that it lures women in, but it doesn’t intimidate them.

This is good if you don’t know how to approach women. Usually,  these women fail to see you as a sexually alluring male. This pheromone helps even if you have low self-esteem and don’t have any type of “game.”

L2K straddles the line when it comes to bringing out social and sexual behavior in women. It’s easy to see how women change from sociable ladies to sex-crazed women.

Easier Persuasion

L2K makes women abide by all of the “social rules”. After two to three hours, it kicks in and women behave in sexual ways that suggest they can be persuaded. Move in and ask that hot chick any personal question that you want. It doesn’t matter if it is for her seven digits, a date, or even a blatant hookup.

You will see noticeable changes in yourself too. L2K gives you over-the-top confidence. It makes you more sociable, and you will have an uninhibited attitude that pushes you to control the room.

Have you ever been around a woman and thought that you were saying all of the right things? Only to find out she thought you were a total jerk? Well, you won’t have to worry about these types of moments when using L2K. Your social anxieties will completely melt away and expose your natural charm, confidence.

Works on Hot Chicks

L2K is effective on hot women such as actresses, models and even regular hot chicks at the bar. Why does this happen? This is because it literally knocks them off of their feet.

They’re instantly drawn to you, but they don’t know why? But all in all, it puts them in a space where they are relaxed, sociable and attracted to you. This means that you can just be you and engage them.

This feeling? This is how most hot chicks feel. They don’t have to do a thing to get men to notice them. They know men will keep trying to talk to them, no matter what happens. The tables are turned now. You’ll have a strong sense of power. The only thing you have to do is just be yourself. Just stand by the bar and get comfortable with your thoughts.


Women find this type of behavior very magnetizing. It intrigues them when men behave this way. You aren’t trying to chase them, and they don’t understand why. It makes them want to be around you and learn more about you. They are trying to chase you instead of the other way around. Interesting, right?

Well, I think I’ve talked about most of the things that happened to me. Make sure to check out Alpha Dream L2K.

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