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Does Arginmax Really Work?

Arginmax is popular male supplant sold online.  I postulate that if men were allowed access to the facts of size many of their  frustrations would disappear. Most men express anxiety over  size simply because they have not been provided with the facts. From a biological and functional standpoint, the only measurement that counts is the organ—and a limp organ offers scant indication of how it will look at full staff. Just as a limp organ is no indication of its erect size potential, neither is the view from which men observe their own  Looking down at one’s own penis makes is look foreshortened. thereby reinforcing the fear of a substandard-sized organ. Dr. Dick Richards encapsulates the predse reasons why men esteem large penises on themselves—and on others:

Size matters to a man. It is one of his great pride centres. Much of his ego is in…his penis. As long as men think, wish, and hope that the size of the penis really counts, then it does. That is the be-all and end-all of the argument. Their minds are made up. It is useless confusing them with facts. The whole thing speaks for itself. Men have decided, believed and been conditioned into a way of thinking that accepts penis size as of supreme relevance. So there all fruitful discussion and argument might as well end. If men are convinced that it counts…it does.

If you feel that your penis is smaller than you’d like it to be, you are in good company. Dr. Barry McCarthy, author of Male Sexual Awareness, found that two out of three men believe that their stuff are smaller than average. And size is the second most popular area of concern among males (following impotence) who contact the Kinsey Institute for help. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. James F. Glenn echoes this concern, remarking “It can be safely said that the adult male population suffers an almost universal anxiety in regard to penile size.” Learn more about Arginmax reviews |

By the way, anxiety over size may be directly proportional to the degree of privacy that individual societies place on the male genitalia. Europeans, for example, don’t enshroud the penis in a fig leaf of mystery as do Americans, Israelis, and Arabs. Male frontal nudity in European films is common and nude beaches abound. The arrangement of men’s restrooms is also a reflection of this degree of modesty. Whereas European men freely line up side-by- side to urinate against an open stainless-steel urinal. American men are quite uncomfortable having their genitals exposed to other men. Most American restrooms feature “modesty panels” between urinals to discourage subrosa viewing. This prudish sense of modesty carries over to cinematography. Steamy Hollywood movies frequently display ample amounts of female skin. yet the genitals of the male remain conveniently enshrouded. Indeed, public exposure of the libido remains the last taboo.  Does size make a difference in performance? Even the experts agree that we have been kept in the dark about our reproductive organs. Masters & Johnson state that “there is not organ about which more misinformation has been perpetrated.“ ; Dr. Shak Kokken, author of the marriage guide A Happier Sex Life ‘ agrees: “A high percentage of men are inflicted with an inferiority  complex regarding their organs.”

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