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Athena 10X Pheromones Hands-On Review

In this article, I review the Athena 10x pheromones.

Dr. Cutler is responsible for the discovery of human pheromones and the creation of the Athena pheromones for men and women.

Pheromones in our Sweat

While much of the scientific community was debating whether pheromones could impact sexual behavior, Dr. Winifred Cutler, a behavioral endocrinologist was able to identify the existence of pheromones in human sweat.

She was able to show that when underarm sweat was separated from the underarm, that pheromones remained.

This finding was important to Cutler because it validated her studies. Her research speculated about the effects of human pheromones but could not prove their existence. Her original study revolved around showing the effects of regular sexual activity and menstrual cycle regularity. She speculated that it was the pheromone interaction that contributes to this phenomenon. And it was not until  1986 when she was able to prove the existence of pheromones within humans.

These studies by Cutler mirrored other studies by a University of Chicago researcher, Martha McClintock. McClintock, like Cutler, made research finding that speculated on the effect of pheromones without being able to prove their existence.

McClintock built on her previous research using the proof of the existence of pheromones to validate the impact they had on ovulation. She was able to show that menstrual cycles could be sped up or slowed down depending on the time within their overall cycle they were allowed to sniff pheromones.

This led to the understanding of the impact of male sweat, the pheromones in that sweat, and its linkages to regular menstrual cycles.

How Humans Can Increase Their Pheromones

This is all highly relevant to the effect of pheromones on sexual attraction. Feelings of desire and the wanting of sexual activity affect the menstrual cycle. And the menstrual cycle is affected by pheromones. Science has made the link.

Dr. Cutler’s Pheromone Studies

Cutler was also a pioneer in many studies that proved that humans could process the existence of pheromones even though the existence of an active vomeronasal organ, the organ thought necessary to process pheromones, within humans was once the subject of heated scientific debate.

While Cutler has spent a considerable amount of time proving the impact of pheromones on attraction and sexual appeal. She also has found that pheromones have an impact on four primary life functions.

These are; territorial marking, infant and mother interactions, sexual attraction, and reproductive synchronization. While territorial marking is not something that we find necessary in modern society the uses of pheromones in creating bonds between mother and child are critically important.

The evolutionary reason why there is synchronization of reproductive cycles in response to pheromones is under investigation. But the fact that pheromones have a primary impact on women in different stages of ovulation carries over to the fourth aspect of pheromones, sexual attraction.


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