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Best Pheromones For 2017 Review

How do you know which are the best pheromones for 2017?  Most humans wash away their pheromones. We bathe luxuriously, apply anti-sweat, chemical-laden sticks, spray loads of deodorant, splash on after-shave lotions, and do other crazy cosmetic things. This buries all our poor pheromones. And, even the sharpest female nose can ever get past the cologne smells. This where pheromones in a bottle come in.

What Are The Best Pheromones?

After doing testing and field reporting with all the major pheromone brands I was able to compile a list of what I and many other users consider to be the best pheromones. My decision was based on scent, potency, and and most importantly results.

#1. Pherazone – Currently the most potent pheromone on the market (72 mg per fluid ounce) comes in a scented and unscented formula available for men, women, and gays. Contains 7 different proprietary pheromones. An excellent pheromone that’s appropriate for work, leisure, and dating and comes with 30 day money back guarantee. If you have not checked this out you should do it.

#2. Alpha Dream LIIK Pheromones – A masculine smelling pheromone cologne designed for sexual attraction and intimacy. Wearing Alpha Dream will put you an alpha god and and let you reel in women.

#3. Chikara – A popular pheromone cologne for men, Chikara contains seven pheromones to take your game to the next level. It totally works. Along with the pheromones, my girlfriend want totally crazy.


Pherazone-for-MenThe girl that I met last night was definitely sexually on a different level than me. But more on that later. Let’s start with the pre-story. I didn’t get any feedback for my last report (read here), but because I think it could be quite useful for some users, I’m going to write some things in Italics, that I think are worth taking away from the report.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I decided to visit friends 50 km away from my town. I go there quite often and the trains go there every half and hour, so it’s quite practical. I decided to visit the, because they are leaving for holidays tomorrow, and I’m going back to Scotland in 2 weeks. So this was the only chance to see my childhood friends again. When I arrived we went to some other friends garden party. About 30 people were there, all drinking wine and beer. Plus we had a BBQ and a guitar.

At the party were a couple of girls that I didn’t know yet, so naturally I started talking to them. I had applied two squirts of Pherazone on my pulse points 20 minutes prior to arriving at the party.

I already picked one that I would focus on and talked with her all the time. She also enjoyed the conversation. At some point I noticed another friend coming to talk to us every few minutes. I didn’t think about it, but 20 minutes later it became apparent that she anted to get fucked by me. Anyway, at some point it got darker, people got drunker and the beer supplies got emptied. So we had to move on. But in their town, there was only one bar open. Not even a nightclub, just some strange rock bar.

She said something amongst the lines of “Am I not attractive?!” and I didn’t comment. I stayed relaxed and had a poker face. Of course, she had to continue the conversation then. She had already commented on how amazing I smelled so I knew right then and there I was getting a sexual advantage from Pherazone.  And suddenly, the conversation switched to whether she should take me home with her.

Potency: Very High (72 mg per fluid ounce)

Official Site:

Alpha Dream LIIK

A pheromone lover’s dream, LIIK (License to Kill) has quickly become one of Alpha Dreams most popular colognes. This one is not for the feint of heart and is a pure alpha male pheromone that is meant to do one thing; increase sexual attraction. This is a pheromone that you would want to use going out, clubbing, or to put it more bluntly, use to get laid.

Alpha Dream is a high-end pheromone brand without the exorbitant prices. They are catered towards men who are stylish and suave.

A lot of guys I’ve spoken to who use pheromones tend to be a bit on the shy side when approaching women. LIIK is perfectly geared towards giving you that alpha male confidence you need. When it comes to attraction, the number one thing I have heard women say is that confidence is key. I had the best results using this product with promiscuous women who tend to be more uninhibited and just “go with the flow”.

Unlike Pherazone, I wouldn’t consider this an everyday pheromone.It’s too bold for work and not meant for the casual user. It’s my go to cologne for special occasions and going out on the weekends when I’m on the hunt for beautiful women.

Potency: High (30mg per fluid ounce)

Official Site:


With a sweet musky smell, Chikara is a crowd favorite that will women notice you more. I’ve noticed women approach me more when I use it even if it’s just a subtle “hello”. It seems to make women more open to communication and receptive. Another thing I like is that it’s not overpowering. LIIK is a more bold alpha-male pheromone where Chikara is a bit more subdued and sweet. It’s a reliable pheromone cologne with my only complain being the bottle is a bit small. You may want to order more than one if you’re a daily user.

Top Pheromones Proven To Work

Potency: Moderate (20mg per fluid ounce)

Official Site:

Testing Colognes and Perfumes

There are three pheromones used in colognes and perfumes – Androstenol, Androstenone and Androstadienone according to

Androstenol is secreted in fresh male sweat, and is the most powerful sex pheromone. Here’s one funny but true fact – even men get turned on by Androstenol!

Androstenone is secreted by men to attract ovulating females, who are more likely to indulge in sex. However, Androstenone is kind of “oxidized Androstenol” – meaning that Androstenol after being exposed to oxygen for some time turns into Androstenone. You can learn about a woman’s language and woman’s behavioral models with the help of these pheromones according to Contrary to what we might like to believe, our pheromone detection is not consistent. Androstadienone, on the other hand, does not cause that “mating feeling” – it merely helps men and women bond on an emotional level.

You should always test pheromone cologne on your own skin as each cologne works different with you own body oils to create an unique sent. Go to a shop and select 2 cologne which you like best and spray one on each wrist and go out asking people which they like best. works excellent in day game. Pherazone is currently the most popular pheromone cologne on the market.

This is the best pheromone I’ve ever used. Woman love it and I get compliments almost everytime – from my dentist, classmates, male and female friends, shopkeepers even random strangers! I swear by it this is to me the best perfume available.

You can’t go wrong with any of those. However, different pheromone colognes will react with different people’s body chemistry differently. So try different ones. See which works best for you. Go to the mall one day spray 2 different colognes on each wrist and smell the difference.

Correct Application of Pheromones

The best reactions I’ve ever had with pheromones is women  can’t tell until I am wearing until they’re very close and even then it is hidden–just a bit of a scent so they have to get closer to smell. I personally think it really depends on what cologne you’re wearing and the skin pH you have. The chest is one of the places where you sweat the most, which makes the scent wash away quickly.


Another thing to consider is it depends on the girl and on the pheromone you use.

Some are so strong that you cannot use more the a couple indirect pheromone sprays. Lots of them are like that. You put 6 sprays, and after 15 minutes YOU don’t smell it. But everyone else is overpowered, and it is a reason to NOT get too close to you.

Others are so easy going, I like to spray my whole body in it. (Diesel Plus Plus Masculine – white bottle) – best anytime sweet fresh mild scent. It is so easy going and mild and nice, even my girlfriend uses it on herself, and it works real well. Non offensive smell at all.

What some suggest works only with super light colognes, or for a crowded sweaty dance club. where anything else will be lost. Some club chicks actually like the strong scents. because it makes you stand out. However you HAVE to find a pheromone that works real well. Too many applications and you will be disgusting after you start sweating.

I have been doing it this way after the Macy’s fragrance lady explained to me that spraying the “cool zones” of your body will make your scent last longer and that it will release as things heat up in the moment.  So, spraying on areas that get a lot of movement such as wrists, elbows, neck will reduce the length that your fragrance lasts during the day. Subtlety is always recommended.  When you get close to a female and she smells your scent it is more impressive than if she smelled you from across the room.

Your pheromone journey will not be a road paved solely with success. As with gaining anything in life that is worth having, you will need to put in the work. As long as you are honestly working to better yourself, you should never feel disappointed. Your mantra should be: “I either succeed or I learn.” From every failure there is embedded a lesson which can be applied to bring you future success. In the end, the journey is often sweeter than the final destination, although it may not seem so at certain instances of time.

Don’t create attraction, ASSUME attraction. Most pickup products install in you the belief that there is something missing with you and that you have to create attraction first (this assumes women are on a pedestal and you have to raise yourself up to that level). If you assume attraction, there will be attraction wit or without pheromones.

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