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10 Best Pheromones For 2018 Review

Like most guys, I use pheromones to attract gorgeous women, boost confidence and elevate my social status. After exhaustively testing countless products, I compiled this list of the best pheromones for men.

But first, I would like to share my story.

My Pheromones Story

I kind of stumbled on pheromones as an adult. When I was a kid, I was shy and had trouble meeting girls. I felt uncomfortable at parties. In fact, I was one of the least popular students in high school and the least talkative. This took a toll on me. I never had the guts to ask a girl out and was dateless for my junior prom.

College wasn’t any better. I found myself alone a lot at parties and once again dateless. Eventually, I just stopped going out altogether. Chicks never seemed to like me no matter what I did. Trying to pretend to be somebody else didn’t help either.

All of that changed when I graduated and moved to Los Angeles. I was on my own in the real world. This was an opportunity to meet new people and find a girlfriend. One day I watched a special on TV about human pheromones and how they were used to attract the opposite sex. Could this be true?

The answer is a resounding YES. In fact, they work but are misunderstood. In the next section, I discuss which pheromones are the best. I base it on my personal experience and research. I also explain how to use pheromones to become a better version of yourself. With pheromones, you’ll live a better and more fulfilling life!

What Are The Best Pheromones?

The list I have compiled is based on scent, concentration, price, and results. These are pheromones that I have personally tested and used. I’ve narrowed my best pheromones to the following:


The most potent pheromone on the market, (72 mg per fluid ounce) Pherazone comes in a scented and unscented formula. It’s available for men, women, and gays. It contains 7 different pheromones and has an incredible fragrance that women love. It really makes you feel like an alpha male. This is one of the best pheromones for social gatherings and sexual attraction.

If you’re struggling in the dating world there is a solution. Using a potent pheromone can boost your chance of attracting that special someone.

An excellent product and my personal favorite, it’s appropriate for work, leisure, and dating. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you haven’t checked it out, you should.

Rating: 9/10
Concentration: 72 – 108 mg per fluid ounce
30 days
Learn More: Read Pherazone Review
Official Site:

Nexus Pheromones

Since its inception in 2001, Nexus is a well-known sex pheromone. It casts a youthful vibe making it ideal for hunting cougars. If you’re a young guy and have a preference for hot, older women this a good product to consider.

What’s the attraction between younger men and older women? Being a younger guy makes women feel younger. They love being with a guy who has stamina in and out of the bedroom.

A few years ago I went through a phase where I was hooking up with older gals. I came to the conclusion a few squirts of this is all I need to get them to bed. It helps amplify their lust and desire to be close to you. Overall, it’s been a rewarding experience. It has a lot of feedback from actual users, customers and forums all claiming that Nexus is one of the best pheromones out there.

Rating: 8/10
Concentration: N/A
60 days
Official Site:


A popular pheromone cologne for men, Chikara contains seven pheromones to elevate your game. Chikara a great smelling pheromone that helps you break the ice.  Women will feel calm and relaxed in your presence.

It comes with 7 different pheromones.

It helps breaks down social barriers and works on a subconscious level to create a sexually attractive vibe. My girlfriend goes totally crazy when I have it on.

Rating: 7.5/10
Concentration: 24 mg per fluid ounce
60 days
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Official Site:

Alpha Dream LIIK Pheromones

L2K is a masculine pheromone cologne designed for sexual attraction and intimacy. L2K is a “beast level” attraction formula designed to give the wearer a huge amount of “influence” with women. It projects a “James Bond” style allure & magnetism. It helps you cast a positive and alluring image around women.

This is one of my favorites pheromones for enticing the opposite sex.  I use it to heat things up in the bedroom. It will make you feel comfortable with your personal vibe and boost your success. Wearing Alpha Dream can make you an alpha god and let you reel in women.

Rating: 8/10
Concentration: 24 mg per fluid ounce
60 days
Learn More: Read Alpha Dream L2k Review
Official Site:

Alpha 7 Scented

An oldie but goodie, Alpha 7 Scented is classified as a sex pheromone cologne. It can enhance intimacy and sexual feelings on women that are attracted to. Depending on your approach and rapport with women, you may get her to bed. It works great for one-night stands.

Scent wise, it emits a sweet and musky smell that gives you a sexy and desirable aura. I probably would not wear this at work because it’s a strong, far-reaching fragrance. I’m afraid it could be a distraction for some women. A club would be suitable where you can enjoy the freedom of knowing you’re the center of attention.

Rating: 7/10
Concentration: 24 mg per fluid ounce
60 days
Official Site:

Aqua Vita

Aqua Vita is a sexually charged pheromone cologne. It offers a unique fragrance that women adore. It’s a major attention getter and gives you the feeling of being a celebrity around women.

While it’s not the most powerful sex pheromone, it works extremely well on a personal level. It offers something different for guys who use Pherazone and more concentrated blends. This is a great pheromone to add to your arsenal so I wouldn’t pass it up.

Rating: 7.5/10
Concentration: 24 mg per fluid ounce
60 days
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Official Site:

Alpha Dream Alfa Maschio

This is a pheromone formula that brings out the animal in any woman that you come within 10 feet. It gives you numerous opportunities to meet, date and have sex. When I’m with a girl that I have rapport I use Maschio to elevate things to a sexual level.  This is also one of the best pheromones for flirting and breaking the ice.

Alfa Maschio is a pheromone cologne for men that has a unique formula. It transforms the average man into the type of man that women love.

This is a formula that brings out the animal in any woman that you come in contact. It will give you numerous opportunities to meet, date and have sex.

Rating: 7/7.5
Concentration: 24 mg per fluid ounce
60 days
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Official Site:

The Hookup Pheromone

A popular pheromone from Pheromone Treasures, the Hookup was designed for seducing women. Although, I found it actually works best when used for romance. Some girls are old-fashioned and won’t sleep with you no matter what you’re wearing.

You need to be more methodical and patient with these women. Hookup creates a comfortable, laid back, and a romantic vibe around her. This makes it great for breaking the ice. You will get to know her.

I’ve used it in bars, parties, and social gatherings with great success.

Rating: 7/7.5
Concentration: 18 mg per fluid ounce
$29.99 – $67.99
60 days
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Official Site:

XiSt Pheromone

A true romance pheromone, XiSt has a surprisingly powerful formula. It can boost her emotional desires to connect with another person romantically. I have used this pheromone on my girlfriend with surprising results. Like The Hookup, it’s more of a romantic formula and works wonders on first dates. Xist works on autopilot when you’re taking things slow and getting to know each other.

It comes in a variety of designer fragrances and makes guys feel special around their partner. The best way to use it is for romance and create a calm, soothing feeling with women.

Rating: 7/10
Concentration: 29.1 mg per fluid ounce
30 days
Learn More: Read Xist Review
Official Site:


A high-quality love pheromone that works well, Swoon makes women more friendly, talkative, and open-minded.  I wore this at a company party and literally had girls rubbing against me on the dance floor. I was hit on by a girl at the coffee shop that was 10 feet away.

The fragrance has a strong, sweet, musky scent that works, even in crowded rooms. Swoon is fun, stylish, and great for first hits from women. While not as popular as some of the other brands, it’s one of my personal favorites.

Rating: 7.5
Concentration: N/A
60 days
Official Site:

First Impressions

Below are my first impressions of these pheromones. My results and experiences were exceptionally good. I would recommend these products to anyone interested in trying pheromones. Of course, your results are going to vary. But, the key here is to keep using them and experimenting. You will get some hits from women and the more you use them the better your results.

Keep reading because at the end of this article I share some important tips. I have learned how you dramatically improve your success with pheromones. See more pheromones for men.

Pherazone Review … Sexy and Seductive

The girl I met at a party the first time I used them was on a different level. But more on that later. Let’s start with the pre-story.

I decided to visit some close friends that were out of town. They were hosting a party for New Years.

At the party, there was a couple of girls that I didn’t know. So naturally, I started talking to them. I applied two squirts of Pherazone on my pulse points 20 minutes prior to arrival.

As the night went on, I noticed women checking me out. They stood close to me and made an innocent conversation.

I already picked one that I would focus on and talked with her all the time. She seemed very lively and enjoyed the conversation. At some point I noticed another friend coming to talk to us every few minutes.

I didn’t think about it, but 20 minutes later it became apparent that she wanted to fuck. I was totally caught off guard. Anyway, at some point it got darker, people got drunker and the beer supplies got emptied.

So we had to move on. But in their town, there was only one bar open. Not even a nightclub, just some strange rock bar.

She said something amongst the lines of “Am I not attractive?!” and I didn’t comment. I stayed relaxed and had a poker face. Of course, she had to continue the conversation then. She had already commented on how amazing I smelled. At this moment, I knew I was getting a sexual advantage from Pherazone.

By the end of the night, I was feeling confident and relaxed. The pheromones were working.

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Official Site:

Alpha Dream L2K Review … Fresh, Cool, and Alpha

A pheromone lover’s dream, LIIK (License to Kill) has quickly become one of Alpha Dreams most popular colognes. This one is not for the faint of heart. It’s a pure alpha male pheromone that’s meant to do one thing; increase sexual attraction.

This is a pheromone you want to use going out or to put it more bluntly, use to get laid. As much I love using Pherazone, I still like to mix my choice of pheromones. I find myself always pulling out a bottle of L2K. It just smells and feels so damn good.

10 Pheromone Colognes That Work

In reality, Alpha Dream is a high-end pheromone brand without the exorbitant prices. They’re catered towards men who are stylish and suave. If you take care of your body and feel good about yourself then this one is for you.

Or if you’re starting out I suggest using Pherazone. You can use it anywhere without giving off the wrong signals. If you’re feeling bold you could just dive into L2K.

A lot of guys who use pheromones tend to be a bit on shy. They have trouble approaching women. L2K is perfectly geared towards giving them the alpha male confidence they need.  It is one of the best pheromone products out there plus it is so cheap that you can try it without worrying about wasting money.


When it comes to attraction, the number one thing I have heard women say is that confidence is key. I had the best results using this product with promiscuous women. They tend to be uninhibited and just “go with the flow”. You’ll naturally feel more confident around her wearing L2K.

Unlike Pherazone, I wouldn’t consider this an everyday pheromone. It’s too bold for work and not for the casual user.  This is a booty killer pheromone. It screams SEX. It’s my go-to cologne for hooking-up and going out on the weekends. I use it when I’m on the hunt for beautiful women that want to fuck. Alpha Dream is a front-runner to be one of the best pheromone manufacturers and distributors in the market.

Potency: High (30mg per fluid ounce)

Official Site:

Read Full Review

Chikara Review … Smooth, Long-Lasting Fresh Smell

With a sweet musky smell, Chikara is a crowd favorite that will help women notice you.  Many consider it one of the best pheromones and for good reason. I’ve witnessed women approach me more even if it’s just a subtle “hello”. It also seems to make women more open to communication.

Chikara is the type of pheromone that makes you not have to try hard to be accepted by women. It’s cool and sexy but does not reek or make an overstatement. It also works well for women who are a bit more conservative. Chikara does wonders for breaking the ice while still making you an object of sexual desire.


I like is that it’s not overpowering. L2K is a bold alpha-male pheromone where Chikara is a bit subdued and sweet. It’s moderately potent and has a sweet musky smell that women love.

It’s a reliable pheromone cologne with my only complaint being the bottle is small. You may want to order more than one if you’re a daily user.

I get looks, compliments, and comfortable approaches from girls when I wear this product. It’s a classic pheromone cologne that makes you feel attractive, yet approachable and classy.

Chikara works extremely well so don’t be surprised if women get close to you.

Potency: Moderate (20mg per fluid ounce)

Official Site:

>Read Full Review

What Are Pheromones?

In short, they are chemical substances which our bodies produce naturally, to be dispersed into the environment. These pheromones are then picked up subconsciously by other people. Once this happens, they have the ability to alter the recipients’ behavior. This process was discovered and proven way back in 1959. Since then, there have been numerous studies on humans.

How do Pheromones work?

Pheromones are released through sweat and under the armpits. These odorless chemicals are released into the air and picked up inside a region of the nose. The vomeronasal organ is where the chemical signals are processed and transmitted to the brain.

Numerous studies have shown their effects on animals and humans. While pheromones are not completely understood, lots of folks have used them successfully.  They can enrich multiple aspects of your relationships with others.

Different Types of Human Pheromones


There are four main pheromones used in colognes and perfumes;  androstenol, androstenone, androstadienone, and androsterone according to

Human pheromones are given off when we feel strong emotions, but their amounts are too small to be perceived. We diminish these amounts by taking daily showers.

However, human pheromones can be synthesized. So, not only can we continue using them, but we can also choose exactly the ones we need. Thus, we affect the behavior of people around us. Let’s have a look at some human pheromones and the effects they produce.


Secreted in fresh male sweat, and is the most powerful sex pheromone. Here’s one funny but true fact – even men get turned on by Androstenol! The alpha isomer of Androstenol makes the individual wearing it appear less harmful and more friendly.

This is apparently more of a chatty pheromone compared to the beta isomer. It creates empathy and affectionate emotions. Androstenol produces a good element of youth as well as well being.

Androstenol is found in potent pheromones like Pherazone.


It’s secreted by men to attract ovulating females who are more likely to indulge in sex. However, Androstenone is kind of an “oxidized Androstenol”. Androstenol after being exposed to oxygen for some time turns into Androstenone.

Pheromones such as androstenone have been extensively studied and shown to be effective at influencing others. They’ve been shown to be effective at making women more sexually attracted to the wearer.

You can learn about a woman’s behavioral models with the help of these pheromones according to Contrary to what we might like to believe, our pheromone detection is not consistent.


Research suggests that the use of androstadienone can make men more attractive to potential partners.

On the other hand, it doesn’t cause that “mating feeling”. It merely helps men and women bond on an emotional level. Use this pheromone in the early stages of courting a woman to build that sense of trust.


Found in pheromone colognes, androsterone produces strong romantic feelings on the opposite sex. It’s believed to help women develop strong feelings on guys. It works well on women who are looking for a guy with leadership skills and goals.

Women view men who wear androsterone as a protector with higher social status.

Sexual Pheromones

Sexual Pheromones are heavy in androstenone and increase sexual arousal in women. A majority of pheromone products contain some form of this molecule. Higher concentrations of androstenone lead to greater results.

Use these pheromones if your goal is to get her to bed. They tend to work better on women who are promiscuous or already into you. They also work on women you are dating or in a relationship with.

Best Picks:  Pherazone, L2K, Aqua Vitae, Alfa Maschio, Evolve-XS

Status Pheromones

Status pheromones use alpha-androstenone to elicit feelings of respect, authority, wisdom, and trust. Women love high-status men because of the provisions and protection.

I like to use status pheromones as an icebreaker with women. It helps to get to know them before moving on to more sexual formulas. Status pheromones are good at increasing your popularity. Whether it’s at work or at a party or amongst your friends, they work.

Best Picks: Corporativo, Bad Wolf, Alpha Treasure, Wolf

Love Pheromones

Love pheromones use Androstadienone to create feelings of affection and love. Women feel a sense of comfort and happiness when they are around the user. Ultimately, it’s game and personality that attract women. Love pheromones can give you a chance to get to know her.

Love pheromones work great for women who are conservative and looking for an old-fashion relationship. Use them to build up feelings of love, romance, and genuine affection.

Best Picks: Swoon, Certo, Nude Alpha, Voodoo

Getting the Most out of Pheromones

Another thing to consider is it depends on the girl and on the pheromone you choose. Start with two doses for 2-3 days. If you see no results, take a day off, and then increase.

Some are so strong that you can’t use more than a couple indirect sprays. Lots of them are like that. You apply 6 sprays, and after 15 minutes you don’t smell it.

But, if everyone else is overpowered, it’s a reason to not get close to you.

Some club chicks actually like the strong scents because it makes you stand out. However, you have to find a pheromone that works well. Too many applications and you will smell disgusting.

I have been doing it this way after the Macy’s fragrance lady explained to me that spraying the “cool zones” of your body will make your scent last longer. It will disperse as things heat up.

So, spraying on areas that get a lot of movements such as wrists, elbows, and neck will reduce the fragrance duration. Subtlety is best.

When your close to a female and she smells your scent, it’s more impressive than if she smelled you from across the room.

Correct Application of Pheromones

The best reactions I’ve had with pheromones is when women can’t tell I am wearing them until they’re very close. Even then, it’s hidden–just a bit of a scent so they have to get closer to smell.

I personally think it really depends on what cologne you’re wearing and the skin pH you have. The chest is one of the places where you sweat the most, which makes the scent wash away.


You should test pheromone cologne on your own skin. Each product works differently with your body oils to create a unique sent. Go to a shop and select 2 colognes which you like best. Spray one on each wrist and ask people which they like best. The best places to apply pheromones are:

• Hair or Scalp
• Jawline
• Jugular
• Chest
• Elbow pit
• Back of neck
• Clothing

You can’t go wrong with any of those. However, colognes with pheromones will react with people’s body chemistry differently. So try several. See which works best for you. Go to the mall one day and spray two different colognes on each wrist and smell the difference.

How Do You Know if It’s Working?

Depending on the product you’re wearing results may vary.  Here a few observations I have noticed.

Sex Pheromones

• Women becoming more touchy with you
• Looking into your eyes or gazing at you
• Complimenting you on your appearance

Romance Pheromones

• Women spending more time with you
• Becoming more receptive to you
• Making it clear they are interested in you

Status Pheromones

• People being more respectful
• Women telling you that they admire you
• Co-workers/Boss complimenting you

How Much Should I Apply?

Use 2 -5 sprays for optimum results. Beginners should start with 2 sprays and try for 2-3 days. If you don’t see results, take a day off and sure you wash off your pheromones. Then try again with a higher dose.

When Should I use Pheromones?

The best time to use pheromones is when you’re in close proximity to people. If you want to meet women you could use them at

• Social events
• Work
• Bars and clubs
• Fitness centers
• Coffee shops

There is really no reason not to use them every day. There is literally a pheromone for every occasion.


One of the benefits of using pheromones is they allow you to work towards self-improvement. You realize your full potential as a person. They can help you develop your inner-game.

I realized this after spending years trying different pheromones. Feeling more confident around women was a major motivational factor to go out and get involved with people. Feeling good about your self-changes your whole attitude and perception of life.

I was able to channel the confidence pheromones gave me and to improve other areas of my life. This includes getting in shape, dressing better, being outspoken, and getting involved with people. It became a win-win situation and ultimately led me to find a super cool girlfriend who I’m dating.

Using the best pheromones give you an edge in but you still have to take action. They just make it easier. Have a story you’d like to share? Please leave your comments and questions below.

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