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Chikara Pheromone Cologne

In this article, I review Chikara pheromones.

If you’ve searched for pheromones online, then you know how hard it can be to find a good product. There’s more than a *few*  that claim WAY more than they deliver.

And if you cut through the hype you’ll find a handful of effective pheromones for men.

How It Works

Chikara pheromone

As you probably know, pheromones are chemical secretions that the body emits. These signals are detected by receptors in the nasal cavity and then transmitted to the brain. The brain then creates emotions such as attraction and sexual arousal.

Unfortunately, the average guy doesn’t emit enough natural pheromones to get a response from women. He needs a little help.

Chikara uses alpha pheromones to boost the sexual appeal of men towards women.

The androstenone based pheromone formula turns men into sex magnets. Women will be want to get their hands on you. In addition, the scent has a pleasing, woodsy aroma that’s not overpowering.


Chikara Cologne has a total of 7 pheromones in 10 milligrams of content, which makes it incredibly powerful. The total pheromone content per bottle is 10 mg–twice the amount in Primal Instinct for Men

This includes the standard 3 pheromones and 4 secret ones as well. The following are the basic pheromones in this cologne:


AndrosteNOL is known as a “social pheromone”. It’s very effective when combined with other pheromones, such as androsteNONE. It possesses a characteristic musk-like odor. In comparison, Pherazone is more sexual.

Chikara creates a friendly and approachable vibe. And women will be more chatty around you. It creates feelings of romance and empathy. And it also creates an aura of reproductive fitness and youth, both of which are attractive.

This ingredient, when combined with androsteNONE, creates a feeling of confidence, which women find sexy. It makes women friendlier, relaxed and comfortable. It also makes them feel younger and more social. This gives you loads of opportunities to break the ice.


This pheromone is found in both men and women. But it’s primarily known as a male pheromone. It creates an intimidating, dominant, and aggressive aura. This creates a distinct “alpha” effect. The “alpha” effect is associated with good mate choice and sex. It escalates sexual tension. It can also cause other males to act more deferential and respectfully to you.

However, using too much androsteNONE can cause overdosing or “OD” effects. This includes headaches and coming across as too aggressive.

Products like Chikara balance the aggressiveness of androstenone with androsteNOL.  This is because androsteNOL is a social ‘mone that helps people to open up to you.

This pheromone tends to make men more aggressive, dominant and competitive. Thus, the women that you come into contact with will perceive you as a confident alpha male. Someone who knows what he wants in life.


This pheromone is only found in humans.

It makes men appear more dominant and masculine. Known as a pheromone booster, it boosts the effectiveness of other ‘mones. And it creates a sense of protection, safety, and reliability. It’s effective both for romance and attraction. Some people even use it for business relationships.

Androsterone makes women feel secure and protected when they come into contact with men who wear Chikara.

Hidden Pheromones

Chikara cologne also contains 4 other “secret” pheromone ingredients. They’ve never released their proprietary formula. But, it’s widely speculated that one of their ingredients is the “beta” form of androstenol.

First Impressions

Using Chikara pheromones will take your game to “the next level.” This is a cologne that gets plenty of “play”.

So, if you are trying to connect with women to get laid, Chikara can give you an edge.

As a man, you should see a noticeable difference in the way women respond to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a private or public setting.

Even in the office, more of your female co-workers will take notice. They’ll want to do little things such as touching your arm while talking and smiling.  They may even blush while you’re speaking. These are all little gestures that make it easier for you to boost your sexual appeal.

Use it to create chemistry with a beautiful girl that’s standing across the room.

How To Use Chikara Pheromones

Chikara comes in a spray bottle and you apply like other colognes. Just a squirt on the wrist and neck. Some people find greater self-effects (improved mood and confidence) by applying a small amount under their nose.

Aqua Vitae Pheromone Cologne

Because it contains androsteNONE, I highly recommend some experimentation to get the best results.

With a powerful pheromone cologne, it’s always better to start out with a small amount and build from there. This formula is powerful and it’s important to minimize potential side effects. So make sure to get the right dose right for your personal body chemistry.

Correct Dose

Start with a half a spray on each wrist and let it dry. You can also dab a tiny amount on your upper lip but keep this application small. The upper lip application will often give you mood-boosting effects. You’ll feel sexier.

However, you’ll know you used *too much* if you feel overly aggressive.

Don’t put this or any other product on your clothes unless you’re an experienced user.  Human pheromones (especially androsteNONE) interact in unpredictable ways with fabric.

This is a scented spray and most people enjoy the scent. Note that most pheromone colognes give off a musky scent after they dry. This is completely normal and lets you know it has real pheromone ingredients.


The next phase of using Chikara is to test the optimal dose.  This takes some time and some practice, but is well worth it. When used properly it can give you amazing results.

When testing, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind.

  • Pheromones tend to enhance and build on what you already have
  • The effects of pheromones are measured in what is called IOIs or Indicators of Interest.
  • If people act wary of you, you’re using too much. Scale back.

Indicators of Interest

IOI’s (Indicators of Interest) are what you look for in the testing phase. There are many ways women show they’re interested.

Here’s a few to look for:

  • Multiple Looks – If a woman looks at you more than once it’s usually a sign of interest.
  • Blushing – This doesn’t mean she’s embarrassed (unless you just did something moronic), it means she like’s you.
  • Smiling – Women smile at guys they like. It’s their way of saying “come talk to me”
  • Eye Dilation – If her eyes are getting bigger then it is a good indication she’s into you.


You don’t have to be the cutest guy in the room for her to show you some love. Just use Chikara. It will help create the magic and chemistry for you.

Use what you already have to move things to the next level. You could even consider revving up your game by combining it with other popular pheromone colognes.

Chikara makes me feel confident and dominant towards women, two attractive qualities they can’t resist. The bottom line is that you’ll have a greater chance to win her over.

Other Effects

When you’re using the right amount for your particular body chemistry, women will open become receptive. In addition, men will defer to you more often and become more respectful.

When you’re testing out Chikara, you’ll want to start with a small “dose”. Wear it in social environments and gauge the responses you get. Then gradually increase the amount until you get the responses you’re looking for.

Remember that pheromones give you a serious edge. Look for IOI’s and subtle changes in the behavior of those around you. Be sure to clean your skin between applications as some pheromone chemicals can stick around for a while.


Remember, Chikara pheromones can help you to get the attention of plenty from women. The best part is that it happens subconsciously. You can’t really go wrong.

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