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The Hookup Pheromone

How is it that most guys are forever looking for an opportunity to get laid, while most women appear to never even think about it?

Did you notice how I used the word “appear” in that sentence? The truth is that many women do actually think about getting laid, but maybe not quite as often as us guys do, and of course, they also aren’t as open about it as we are.

An Icebreaker Pheromone

Generally speaking, most women keep their thoughts to themselves, and they keep their behavior in check around a guy they take a liking to.

It’s sort of a given that guys need to ask a girl out, rather than being the other way round. Of course, even when you do make the first move, there’s usually a strong possibility of being rejected, and if you are fortunate enough to dodge rejection by really turning on the charm, then you face the next big challenge:

Are you going to get “friended” or are you going to get laid?

Trust me when I say there’s a really fine line separating the two. Just when you think you are destined for the bedroom, you suddenly find that you have somehow become a friend rather than a lay.

This has happened to countless guys, including myself. I probably have more female friends than I have male friends, and as I have discovered, most women don’t believe in sleeping with their friends. This is where pheromones can help.

Will Hookup Pheromones Get You Laid?

Well, that depends on the circumstances. They can certainly swing the balance in your favor.

Actually, let me rephrase that. In most instances, products like The Hookup Pheromone won’t guarantee that you will get laid but you can overcome that if you make an effort.

Instead they will help create more favorable conditions by influencing women on a subconscious level. As always, results may vary.

First Impressions

For me, one of my first successful lay using Hook Up happened with a girl I knew. The woman in question was only an acquaintance, and for the first time ever, she really came on strong.

She wasn’t the best looking woman in town, but still very attractive with a great body, and when it gets handed to me on a plate, I am not going to say no. Not only was she offering it to me on a plate, but she was actually doing it pretty darn forcefully as well.

Oh, and in case you are wondering if I was just in the right place at the right time, I’ll confess that I witnessed the exact same thing with her on several occasions, and always when I had applied some HookUp pheromones. Please let me stress that in my experience, Hookup has only had this somewhat absurd effect on one woman. By absurd, I mean I had absolutely no work to do at all.

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Boosts Romantic Feelings

Apart from the one woman mentioned above, I have found that The Hookup is quite a subtle and non-aggressive pheromone formula. While Pheromonetreasures claims that it will help you to get the woman of your dreams into your bed, a lot of that depends on the user, experience, and circumstances.

Let’s just say that if all pheromone products had to be put in either a “romantic” pheromone group or a “sex” pheromone group, I would be inclined to put The Hookup in the romantic group. It tends to make women more open and perhaps more receptive to your advances, rather than making them want to jump into bed with you which is pretty uncommon.

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

I don’t think is a good choice for guys who are in a big hurry to start sweating. On the other hand, if you are happy to take your time and perhaps only score on the second or third meeting, then The Hookup could be a good choice. Okay, time for me to highlight the main pros and cons:

What I Like

•  Affordability – At the time of me writing this review, you could pick up a 10ml bottle of The Hookup for just $29.99 which is certainly excellent value for your money. Alternatively, a 30ml spray bottle will only set you back by about $68.

• Pleasantly Subtle – The Hookup tends to encourage a nice and friendly sort of body chemistry in a very subtle sort of way.

• Increases Attraction – Because it contains androstenone, it acts as a powerful attractant, but to a lesser extent than some other products, thanks to the other 3 pheromone compound in this particular formula.


• Limited Audience – If your intention is to go out and get laid as quickly as you possibly can, the The Hookup is probably not a great choice for you.


The Hookup is a a fun pheromone cologne for guys who want to literally hookup with women whether it’s on a social or sexual level. Keep in mind that pheromones are not a magic bullet but can certainly give you an edge. Pheromones like The Hookup can help you feel comfortable around women and help you develop your pick up skills.

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