How Effective Is Semenax?

Experience mind-blowing orgasms when you try Semenax sperm enhancer. In each box you get 90 pills which will last for a full 30 days. All you have to do is take 3 pills with breakfast or a main meal. Many people have even claimed results after the first serving of Semenax. The longer you take the product, the bigger the results you will see. We highly recommend taking the product for three months or more to improve your sexual experiences and pleasure within the bedroom.

Although I had suffered from many sexual dysfunction problems I initially took Semenax merely to enhance my sexual experience and increase my stamina and orgasm pleasure. After the first week of taking Semenax I have noticed the power of my orgasms dramatically increasing. My overall sexual stamina and endurance has become vastly improved. There is a good review about Semenax posted at

In my practice, it’s very common for me to see males come in with performance issues.

Ingredients found in Semenax

Selenium: This nutrient is very important in the production of semen containing sperm with a high motility rate. Since so much of the selenium is utilized in the semen, there is a need to constantly replace the body’s supply. Fish, meat and poultry are good food sources. You can also snack on Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds and take in a reasonable amount of this nutrient. Opt for whole grains rather than bleached bread and you will also help to increase your selenium intake.

Zinc: This mineral is good for the male reproductive system on a number of levels. Along with promoting general health of your system, a reasonable amount of zinc in your diet will increase the quality and motility of your sperm. Oysters are a common way to add zinc to your diet. You can also enjoy peanuts, pumpkin seeds and even dried watermelon seeds as a way to get a little more zinc in your system. Keep in mind that you should balance your zinc consumption with a reasonable amount of copper in order to avoid any type of adverse reactions.

Vitamin C
: While most people associated vitamin C with increasing the immune system and warding off colds, this vitamin also provides several benefits for your reproductive system. The bioflavonoids found in C will help to increase the rate of sperm production. At the same time, C will help to minimize the development of clumps in your semen. This in turn helps to increase the fluid movement of the semen and enhance the chances of becoming a dad.

Omega Fatty Acids: 

A diet containing reasonable amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids promote healthier membranes for your sperm


I have been with Semenax now for three months and it has caused major improvement sin my lovemaking abilities. My erections are rock hard every time. Because my girlfriend is a very demanding lover I can satisfy on full occasions.
I recommend Semenax to anyone who wants to dramatically improve their entire love life. Go get your bottle today!

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