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How To Ask A Girl Out

Many men struggle with the question as to how to ask a girl out. What can make her attracted to you and want to spend an evening with you? To begin, she has to feel attracted to you. Your pheromones have to draw her in and make her want to go out with you. Here are some ways to ask her out and ways to make the date go well so that there may be another date.

  • · When you get her number keep it for a little while before calling. Nothing screams desperation more than you getting her number and calling her before she even gets home. You want to turn her on, not freak her out. Give it a little while and she will be more likely to say yes to an evening with you.
  • · On the flip side, do not wait too long. You need to ask her while she is still thinking about you and she has not moved on. Do not wait for the competition to snatch her away before you even get the chance to take her out. Your pheromones will only attract her for so long when you are not around.
  • · It is also important that you ask her in the correct way. Instead of asking her out on a date ask her to join you. This is a better way to ask her without being so pushy that you push her away. Asking her to join you works better than asking her out on a date. It is also less pressure for both of you.
  • · Asking her to join you can be easy. Do not take the easy way out and ask her via text message or on a social network. Call her up and ask her or ask her in person. It is the lazy way to go asking her any other way. The internet has made many people lazy and complacent when it comes to dating. Eventually you have to have a real conversation and be around one another. Asking her will be the first step.
  • · Many men never ask a woman out because they have a fear of rejection. They are more afraid of being rejected than excited about dating. Do not be afraid of being told no.
  • · If she says no then do not panic or get upset. Just convince her by being confident and you can even use humor. No sometimes means maybe, and it is up to you to turn a no into maybe and a maybe into a yes.
  • · When she says yes, do not ask her where she wants to go and what she wants to do on the date. When you ask she wants you to have plans, and she wants you to follow through with the plans. She will enjoy the fact that you took the time to plan a date with her and she will respect you more for the plans.
  • · Make your date fun and do not spend a lot of money. You need to show her what you are all about, and spending a ton of money may make her like the money and not you. Keep it simple and fun. Let your pheromones do the rest.
  • · Do not make everything a big deal. Just stay cool!
Do Pheromones Work In Humans?

Many people make dating complicated, but it does not have to be that way. The bottom line is if your natural scents are attractive to her then just let nature take its course. If you do not feel that she is attracted to your natural signals then you can buy scents that have them in them. They can be very attractive to members of the opposite sex. Certain scents can give you what nature did not: abundant pheromones.

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