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How To Relax During Sex

Do you have trouble relaxing during sex? As you already know there are plenty of topics on this forum on:

“I can’t get it up”

“I can’t cum”

“I cum too quickly”

… or variations of the three.

The answer is most of the time the same:

“You need to get out of you head”

“Focus on breathing”

“You just need to relax”

While the words are simple I think most people find it hard to actually implement this advice.

Visualization techniques for Sex

Visualization techniques could work… focus on your tension in your mind as a ‘ball’ or ‘color’ or something…and visualize that color leaving your body or the ball getting smaller and smaller as you make love to your girl…. there’s also certain positions that are better for making love that improve tension.

If that doesn’t work, try self hypnosis and hypnotizing yourself to relax or giving yourself triggers for relaxation. There’s a myraid of products on here designed towards premature ejeculation control hypnosis if you want a outside hypnotist rather than self hypnosis. Wendi Freisen I think has a line, Talmadge Harper, several others.

If you are doing missionary and are in a push-up position, it’s quite taxing. Put your forearms on the bed and do missionary where you are closer to her…. offloading the weight into your forearms, reduces the tension and recruits more muscles helping you last longer. A lot of those tips arecovered in 2 girls teach sex, 60 minute stamina and various last longer in bed type products. MOST of the advice in 2 girls teach sex is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC GARBAGE that would only help an extremely novice person in bed. Their advice on stamina though is not too bad.

Breathing Techniques

Do some breathing exercises. Focus on your breathing. In slowly through the nose, into your belly and balls,  and out through the mouth. Get comfortable in your body. When you practice doing that daily you will be more comfortable in bed with another woman.

The more you have sex the more you will feel relaxed because you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t. We all feel nervous man, the ones who are good at it are good because they are familiar with the environment from past experience.

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