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How To Increase Ejaculation like a Porn Star

increase ejaculation

In this article, I discuss how to increase ejaculation. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot a load like a porn star, now you can. Just follow the guide below.

Nutritional Supplements to Increase Ejaculation

Folic acid and zinc supplements are highly effective at increasing sperm counts. Both folic acid and Zinc are essential for DNA formation and sperm creation. A study has proved that men with low fertility levels who took folic acid and zinc sulfate for 26 weeks in a row registered a 74% increase in normal sperm count.  And they had a 4% decrease in abnormal sperm count.

The same study found that men without fertility problems did not experience a significant betterment in their normal sperm count. The study went on to conclude that both folic acid and zinc must be taken together to have any impact.

Antioxidants hunt down and remove free radicals from our system. Free radicals are known to hurt cellular and metabolic processes, including processes that help create sperms. Grapeseed Extract and other supplements that are rich in antioxidants boost sperm count.

Many doctors recommend Vitamins C, E, and B12 Selenium to help increase normal sperm count. Sperm count enhancing supplements like Semenax that contain antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and the amino acid, L-Carnitine work very well too. Zinc Arginine is also helpful.

Studies that prove that L-Carnitine or a Zinc-Folic acid combo or vitamins help men with low fertility improve sperm counts.

foods to increase sperm

Dietary changes

Dietary changes make your body more efficient at producing enough sperm cells so as to increase your ejaculation. There are different nutrients that your body needs to produce sperm. Here is a small list.

Vitamin A and vitamin C

Vitamin A and vitamin C are crucial for you to have a good sperm volume when you ejaculate. The former helps your body produce healthy sperm cells while the latter plays a role in their motility.

Zinc and omega 3 fatty acids

Zinc and omega 3 fatty acids are also important for you to have in your diet if you want a large volume of sperm. For example, zinc helps in the greater production of sperm cells while omega 3 fatty acids improve all sexual functions of your body.

While the three categories and the solutions listed within them should be enough for you to attain a high sperm volume when you ejaculate, you can even try natural sperm count increasing supplements.

The best sperm supplements are those that employ ancient knowledge within the purview of modern scientific discoveries to give you the best of both worlds. Ideally, your sperm supplement should consist of natural herbs, aphrodisiacs, and nutrients that your body would need to have stronger erections, longer orgasms and greater volumes of sperm.

Low sperm count, which is the main cause of male infertility, can be temporary or permanent.

Causes of Low Sperm Count

Well-known causes of a temporary low sperm count condition include intensive cycling, heat exposure, tight-fitting clothing, stress, tension, and sleeplessness.

Other causes can be an infection, smoking, alcohol consumption, frequent ejaculation, prostate gland infection, steroid use, swelling of veins (varicocele), and more. Depending on the cause of low sperm count, there is a range of treatment options available:


People with Varicocele, or the swelling of veins along the cord that holds the testicles, can be surgically treated.


Sometimes infections present in the reproductive tract can cause a low sperm count. Such infections can be cured with antibiotics. However, it is not necessary that the curing of the infection will restore fertility.

Hormone Medications

When a low sperm count is caused by low or spiked-up hormones, your doctor may prescribe hormone replacement or hormone-treating medication.

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Lifestyle Changes

lifestyle changes low sperm countLow sperm count conditions that are temporary in nature must combine their medical treatment with lifestyle changes. For example, they must try to give up on hot baths, steroids, frequent sexual encounters, tight underwear, smoking, and alcohol.

Plus, if a low sperm count is caused by heavy cycling, that should be moderated. If caused by stress and tension, then the patient must take it easy.

Ultimately, know that low sperm count is not a condition that will magically vanish one fine day. It needs treatment and supplements and if required, lifestyle changes.

The way a man ejaculates is at the core of his identity. It is a well-documented fact that, for men, the penis is one of the most important symbols of sexuality and masculinity. In simple words, what this means is that most men would attach a lot of importance to things like the length of their penises, the girth of their penises and, most importantly, the amount of sperm they ejaculate when they have an orgasm.

Because the amount of sperm ejaculated is very significant to most men when this amount is not good enough the men start to lose confidence and question their own masculinity, as is only logical. If you are facing this same problem and are not talking to anyone or seeking professional help because you are embarrassed then what you need to do is take steps by yourself to correct the problem.

It is entirely possible for you to increase the amount of sperm you ejaculate by simple steps taken without any medical help. There are three different types of solutions to the problem of low sperm ejaculation volume. These are lifestyle changes, dietary changes and physical changes. Here are the details of them all.

Stop smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking have direct repercussions on your ability to have an ejaculation with a large volume of sperm along with the effectiveness of your sperm cells.

Moderate scrotum temperatures

Too much heat can affect your testicles and prevent them from producing enough sperm. In fact, this need for lower temperatures is the reason why testicles are supposed to hang away from the body. Wearing looser underpants and trousers is one way to achieve this.

Reduce the frequency of sex and masturbation

Finally, the more sex you have or the more you masturbate, the less the volume of your ejaculated sperm would be. Simply speaking, there is a certain speed with which your body produces sperm and if you empty it at a faster rate then you cannot have good sperm volume.

Physical changes

The term ‘physical changes’ refers to changes to your actions during sex. There are certain things that you can change to improve the volume of the sperm that you ejaculate.

Control your breathing

Taking deep breaths would not only help you generate greater volumes of sperm at ejaculations but also help you last longer and be stronger. Hence, instead of breathing hard or holding your breath, you should consciously make your breathing normal.

Make use of your PC muscles

The PC muscles or the Pubococcygeus muscles are crucial to you having a greater volume of sperm when you ejaculate. In addition to this, these muscles would also help you have stronger and longer erections.

Pull your testicles

When you ejaculate, your testicles move towards your body i.e. upwards. Therefore, if you pull your testicles back down when you are about to ejaculate then you can last longer and have a greater volume of sperm.


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