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Do Male Enhancement Pills Boost Libido?

Are you interested in male enhancement pills? I went from an extremely horny guy that had to cum more than 10 times a day (yes really) to almost no sex drive in a few months time when I was around 40. Very depressing. I could still ‘perform’ but it gave me almost no pleasure. This was something that completely blew me away, I just didn’t understand, and I still don’t. For many years I have had really big sleep problems, I don’t know if that’s the cause, in the mean time I do no longer have sleep problems.

Since I did not know what had caused this sudden change, I have tried many things. Daily meditation (after some months this has fixed my sleeping problem), going to the gym 3 times a week, taking supplements (3 grams of Vit C, Calmag with zinc, etc), eating healthier, doing pelvis workouts.  I did some self hypnosis. Each of these things did help a little bit. Since about 3 months I also take Optimized Resveratrol with NAD+ from Life Extension. So far that one has helped the most. But I’m still only at like 15% of what it used to be 3 years ago.

I have now ordered some Progesteron creme, which you can use to increase your DHEA and testosteron. Will see if that one helps.

It’s very depressing to suddenly go from being a very horny guy, to someone who gets not much enjoyment out of it (but still getting strong erections. It’s just the feeling that is gone). And like I wrote: this all changed on a very short amount of time. And nothing major happened during that periods, no personal break ups, job loss or whatever. It really bugs me not knowing why this happened.

Before considering the male enhancement supplement route (e.g. maca) and most importantly… reading up on each of their uses/side-effects from somewhere like… some of the members did mention about dietary fat. How many grams of fat do you think you might be consuming per day?

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Historically and observationally speaking, lower libidos/sex-drive for men, seem to have more of a lowered/negative effect if one drops below 40grams of fat a day for a consistently long period of many weeks/months – as others said, affecting hormone production in one way or another. There is no precise number (i.e. # grams of fat) here, and it does inherently rely on other attributes beyond gender (e.g. height, weight, age) and therefore, can vary from person to person.

Some other things for consideration, how long would you say it was when such a notice of a different state of libido/sex-drive, was really evident? In contrast, how would you say it was before?

In between or nearing the transition of where your libido/sex drive was much higher, were there any other personal events or ongoing work-related matters which may have been building up and/or started around then? (i.e. these could possibly be the psychological factors for your own personal reflections).

From a physical perspective, have you noticed any changes with morning erections? There are tests done at the clinic (i.e. with more precise equipment to take home or done on site) and alternative low-cost self-tests where you could technically do at home albeit imprecise; depending on materials/method and quality control – anyone can do this for their own observations with the self-home testing. Other tests are usually done at the clinic/ordered for you to take home and by a urologist.. Learn about penis lengthening and enhancement options.

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