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Is Natural Breast Enlargement Possible?

Just as some men are looking to increase the size of their penis, some women are looking for natural breast enlargement to increase their breast size. There is a lot of hype about Breast Enhancement Pills, enhancements, and even surgery. Do pills that claim to increase bust size really work? There are a number of companies that claim they have products that do, but many of these are false. In truth, while many of these products contain herbs and supplements that have to do with estrogen, the cons greatly outweigh any benefits, if there are any.

Estrogen is an important factor in the development of the breast tissue, but too much of this hormone can cause other health issues. Some of these are uterine cancer, and breast cancer. Estrogen by itself will also increase the size of the uterus, contributing to these health issues. While many companies claim their products will increase breast size, hardly any include the possible risks and side effects of their products. There are products, such as hormone replacements and birth control pills that have estrogen as well, they also include progesterone, which counteracts negative effects on the uterus. Consider breast enlargement pills 2014.

One of the biggest problems with these Breast Enhancement Pills is that they simply haven’t been tested enough to deem them safe. Most of these pills have not been approved by the FDA, and there are not enough clinical studies showing their effectiveness. In addition, many doctors advise against using these pills. Adriane Fugh-Berman, an MD as well as a professor in the medical department at Georgetown University commented about it in an article from Obstetrics and Gynecology. Basically his recommendation was that women should avoid these pills, not just because of the lack of beneficial evidence, but also because of the long term health risks involved with their use with gnc breast enlargement pills according to

If Breast Enhancement Pills do work, are the costs really worth the risks involved? Probably not. Unfortunately, a woman’s breast size is due to a number of factors. What race a woman is, their family history, as well as weight. Because breasts have fact tissues, the more weight gained, the larger a woman’s breasts. If she loses weight, of course this size is going to go down. There are alternatives, changing bras, certain exercises, etc, can help with the look of the breast, making them seem larger than they may physically be. If you want to learn more then you should check out natural breast enlargement at

If you are looking to enhance your bust size, try to turn to other alternatives besides Breast Enhancement Pills. There are a number of herbal supplements that have the same ingredients that many of these products contain, but in a more natural form. There are many different websites available to help you find the right herbs and even foods that can help. As with all herbal supplements, it is a good idea to check with your doctor to make sure they are healthy for you, as well as whether or not they are going to interfere with medications you may already be taking.

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