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Pherazone Pheromone Cologne … Why It’s Sexy

Today we are going to test Pherazone pheromones. I have been a skeptic of pheromone spray for quite some time but this is the best stuff on the market. For example, I met a lady at work who complimented me on how I smelled. I got her phone number and things went very well.

This product has been out since 2010. The reason I bought it is because it contains human pheromones and this is worth researching. I wasn’t sure if it was going to really work. I decided to put it on before I went to work and I was like what the heck is this doing. I could not believe how powerful it was. The more I wore it the more I liked it.

It has some very concentrated pheromones and amazing scent. The human pheromone concentration is higher than most competing brands. It mixes really well and has a very sensual smell. It is reminiscent of oranges. It’s a very citrusy smell.

After doing some tests I found it to smell subtle and smooth. It has excellent longevity and lasts over 8 hours. I love the way it smells right off the top. It smells the same all night. If you get a chance you should get it.

As fast as the human pheromones, I did some research and most people say that it works. There is a lot of support evidence and articles that shows it attracts the opposite sex in a sexual way. It gives you an edge over women and helps a guy out get laid.

It’s a really great scent. The people at work have been giving lots of attention. Another girl said that it smells a it masculine and has an alpha-male aura. This is probably due to the high concentration of androstenone. I did get a lot of positive complements which is great. It turned out to be far better than I ever expected as far as pheromones go.

The human pheromones are expctionally strong and everyone should try it. Some women call this a panty dropper. It has a very masculine aroma with the expected effects of a pheromone product. The results with Pherazone tend to last 8 hours or so.

I was quite overwhelmed with its power. It so much better than an ordinary cologne. So how does this compare to Nexus pheromones?

Nexus is one of the most popular pheromone colognes out there. It has a price of about $40. I like the lighter and less aggressive smell. Ladies seem to be more responsive to the scent to me at least. It’s because of the body chemistry. For some I think it would work really well. It depends on the body chemistry of the individual.

It will work for some and there is a possibility you will be disappointed to some degree if it lacks androstenone or a heavy dosage of copulins. It varies between dosage and the number of pheromone sprays. You can learn more by checking out their website and you will learn how to attract women.

Pheromones and Copulins

I suppose I should start by explaining what copulins and pheromones are. They are chemical messengers releases by men and women to attract the opposite sex. There was a particular study done on copulins in the 1970s that found that when men were exposed to them that their testosterone rose over 150% in under 10 minutes. When there levels were this high there ability to ignore women was compromised. This is the advantage of wearing pheromones like Pherazone.

Feeling Anxious? Sniff This Pheromone ...

As you age your pheromone levels decrease. We get a certain amount of women who date men with low testosterone. Women believe wearing Pherazone will raise their testosterone levels. In men who are not healthy it might not make a huge difference in increasing attraction. The reason most man have dating problems is a lack of confidence as well as chemical exposure.

Testosterone is a male hormone and thats what makes a man a man. With low testosterone we have a low sex drive. Our men are being devastated and feminized.

We have chemicals used in food plants that kill our hormone and pheromone levels. We have phyto estrogens which are found in soy which can also hurt masculinity. I would suggest ding your own research. Be responsible for your health and if you want copulins to raise your mans testosterone levels then use the highest concentrations of pheromones.

The pharmaceutical attractants are not healthy for you either. If don’t go out and try to meet women you will lose your confidence and masculine edge. This is why using sexual attractant can help you sleep with more women.

Pheromone Problems

We have a certain number of guys who use alpha pheromones and become nervous and aggressive. Even if it s not a super alpha product in hops of attracting your wife you may experience turmoil. Some people think Pherazone should have warning labels because it has so much androstenone. It happens to 1/1,000 guys who feel extreme anxiety and become aggressive.

What I think is happening is because our alpha pheromone production is directly related to testosterone levels. These guys are identifying them as attractants.

If you are already high testosterone and your already producing alpha pheromones than you may even find it attractive. If you are not you will get this anxiousness.

One sniff and you will spin your head around. It literally makes you aggressive with the uncontrollable reaction. If I were alpha, I would truly enjoy it. You may have some problems with it which is perfect for the subject of sexual attraction. It will go away which is great. I work and I feel that wearing it every day is the way to go.

You can apply it whenever you want and after 10 – 15 minutes it will go away. What I normally recommended is that if you get super anxious wearing Pherazone to take a break and apply the pheromones low in small amounts. See how you feel and over time you can increase your does and work your way up.

It can take up to 3 months before you can wear them the way you want with the desired effects.

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