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Pherazone Ultra Concentrated

If you have heard about pheromones than you probably have heard of Pherazone. On the market since 2010, they have a whole range of pheromone products for men and women. This includes high-concentration perfumes and colognes.

In this review, I am going to discuss their mens colognes which includes the following line up below.

Pherazone for Men Cologne

Pherazone for mens product line-up starts with a concentration of 38 mg of pheromone formula per fluid ounce making it on average 5x more powerful than it’s closest competitor.

It comes in a sleek frosty bottle with an aluminum brushed cap that protects the atomizer nozzle. 2-3 sprays on the pulse point is all you need since this is a high potency pheromone.

Why such a high concentration? The reason is simple. SEX. Pherazone is heavy in androstenone which is a sexual pheromone that elevates your alpha appeal and make you m0re sexy around women.

Many of the users of Pherazone, including myself, use it for getting laid and meeting hot girls. It gives me a sense of confidence and and boldness to go after women I normally wouldn’t approach, for fear that they are way out of my league.

As for the scent, it’s definitely one of my favorite aspects of this product. In fact, it smells as good and perhaps better than many of the more expensive designer colognes for men.

Concentration: 38 mg per fluid ounce

Pherazone Super Concentrated

After the initial success of their original pheromone cologne, they upped the concentration with the release of Pherazone Super Concentrated which provides double the concentration of its predecessor.

Literally, one spray is all you need. I have worn this product in where it can get hot and sweaty and had no problem picking up women.

Women became more flirty, touchy, and just into me. The fresh citrusy scent turns a lot of heads as well. It’s a clean out of the shower smell that makes you very fuckable.

While it could be worn for every day use, I tend to use it on the weekends for going out. The last thing I want is my boss hitting on me at work considering she is a married woman!

If you really want to be noticed and give off a sexual vibe then it’s worth the investment.

Concentration: 76 mg per fluid ounce

Pherazone Ultra Super Concentrated

After enjoying much success with their Super Concentrated and Original formula I decided to take the plunge and shell out $225 on a bottle of Ultra Super Concentrated, a completely new and upgrade cologne that packs an even greater 108 mg of pheromones per fluid ounce and a completely redesigned fragrance.

Who the hell spends $225 on pheromones? I did and my answer might surprise you. First off, this is powerful pheromone and should not be used by novices.  This is for guys who are experienced and have already used pheromones before.

Because it contains so much pheromone concentration the effects can sometimes backfire. I’m referring to girls fighting over you, guys becoming envious, and people being mesmerized by your alpha status.

What I like to do is when I am alone with a girl and invite her back to my house, I spray some of this on, allowing the effects to subconsciously influence her.

Women do become very excited around this stuff and if she already has shown some physical attraction to you or body cues things can escalate quickly. This is the Rolls Royce of pheromone colognes and works like nothing else for getting laid.

Concentration: 108 mg per fluid ounce

Effects on Women

Pherazone is extremely powerful on women that you don’t know. They eventually fall even harder for you. This could work very well on a woman that always gave you a hard time socially. When she’s first exposed to you, she’ll be magnetized and view you as relationship material immediately. Thus, you won’t have to worry about turning into her bestie.

This pheromone is an ideal “IOI Generator,” (indicators of interest). It makes women stare, listen intently to your conversation or just be in your presence. Sometimes you can tell when the fallout effect is taking place because of how they react towards you. But be forewarned that some women can get hit very hard by this effect. They act strange or ignore you. This happens because they are trying to figure out what is happening to them. They don’t understand why they are interested in you all of a sudden.

Pheromone Colognes for 2015

Pherazone makes women happy to be around you. In the end, you aren’t as tense around them either. It allows you to be more charming and interesting. Women feel that they can talk to you about anything, which makes them attach to you emotionally. They feel that you would never hurt them.

However, do not use Pherazone around women that you don’t want to get close too. I’ve use this product for numerous years, and it really works. I’ve also lost a couple of great friends because of this product. This happened when I worked with a group of women and caused drama at the office. Many of my co-workers fought over me, and I wasn’t even interested in some of them. Unfortunately, you can’t control how Pherazone impacts different women.

Pherazone works gradually, but you’ll be able to see changes in women. For some, it only takes hours for them to develop feelings. It could take weeks for others. You can’t predict what will happen. But I do know that it works gradually to transform you into boyfriend material. The more they are exposed to you, the stronger they feel for you.

Pherazone is one of my favorite pheromones for leaving a memorable impression. It even works on women that have rejected you in the past. It is so strong that they start to see you in a better light. Surprisingly, it works even better on women that you don’t know. They are attracted to you immediately.

This is one of the best pheromones to reset feelings and get you out of the friendzone. If she thinks negatively about you, Pherazone works wonders to get rid of these bad memories of you. She’ll see you as an attractive, sexy, romantic man that she wants to get closer to. This feeling starts gradually and snowballs the longer that she’s exposed to you.

Remember that Pherazone is intense, but you have to have an open mind when using it. Although it helps to get women who didn’t like you in the past, you’ll have better results if you just find new women that like you now.

How To Use Pherazone

It’s best to apply your pheromone product to areas of your body that produce a lot of heat. The best areas are the insides of your wrists, your neck, and the sides of your face. These areas a great because they are actively hot. Pheromones are molecules. They need heat in order to diffuse through the air.

How Do You Know If It Works?

Depending on the dosage, the setting, and your personality type, results may vary. Here are just some things that I’ve personally experienced and results found by thousands of others.

Sexual Cues

• Women getting more physical and touchy
• Women gazing at you
• Women complimenting your appearance
• She licks her lips
• She blushes around you
• She plays with her hair around you
• She shows off her body

Is It Available In Stores?

Currently, Pherazone can only be purchased online. One of the good things I’ve dealt with ordering from them online is it comes in a discreet package. So yes, you can order it to your work and not raise any eyebrows.

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