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Pheromones For Men That Work 2018

In this article, I review the best pheromones for men found in colognes.

Highest-Rated Pheromones For Men 2018

Below is my top 10 list of the highest-rated pheromones.

Pherazone Ultra

PherazoneA new product to hit the market, Pherazone Ultra Pheromone Cologne delivers epic results.

It’s similar to Chikara since it has 7 different pheromones including androstenone, androsterone, and androstenol. The total pheromone content in Pherazone is a whopping 72mg!

If you’re new to pheromones, that’s a lot of pheromones! They recommend just one spray, which makes sense. This stuff is a secret weapon that makes women fall for you.

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Nexus Pheromones

Nexus PheromonesThis product was a huge surprise, it’s not just another over-hyped scam. Nexus Pheromones is the real deal. The formula consists of Androstenone, which will give you the Alpha Male, dominant persona. I tried on Nexus Pheromones 3 weekends in a row, and I got a lot of hits.

Girls were smiling, checking me out and really flirty.  It smells better than most of the other pheromone colognes I’ve tried. And girls seem to notice me a lot more. I spent the majority of my life chasing women.  It’s a nice change of pace having girls approach me. I have a lot more confidence when approaching girls.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I don’t get rejected. I’m saying I have a lot more confidence.  Girls love this in man.

Despite all of the doubts I had with Nexus Pheromones, it’s the most legitimate and effective pheromone I’ve tried.

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Certo Pheromone

CertoAlpha Dream is starting to create ripples in the pheromone product market. Unlike Alfa Maschio, Certo is designed to embody a “good guy” image for the wearer. This is great for those who want to appeal to a sensitive guy. You’ll notice women opening up to you. So, if you’re a good talker, this product is for you.

The active ingredients in this product are Androstenol, which is what gives the user the nice guy image. Certo comes in a 30 mL spray bottle in both scented and unscented versions. As usual, only use the unscented version if you’re more experienced because you’ll need to use a cover scent. Apply 3 sprays to the hot spots and your good to go!

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ChikaraChikara just smells great. I mean, really, some of the other scents out there are nasty. And you wonder how people can use them. But Chikara actually has a decent smell to it, and I don’t mind wearing it. It doesn’t give me headaches or make me feel light-headed like some other products do. Immediately when I got it, I knew things would be looking up.

The first day I wore it… WOW! I can’t even tell you how confident I felt. Seriously, even if it did nothing for the ladies, I’d still wear it. Just because it makes me feel like a stud. I felt better when I talked to people, and I actually had a smile on my face all day! (Those that know me could tell you I usually don’t, haha.) My day at work is usually a drag but Chikara pheromone helped me get through it. And it didn’t really matter where I was because this stuff made me feel amazing.

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Scent of Eros

Scent of ErosHopefully, you’ve all heard of the Scent of Eros pheromone spray for men. If not, prepare to be amazed because this is honestly one of the best pheromones I’ve ever used.

As far as the effect on women goes, it performs just like you want a pheromone to. Sadly, all these other products have big claims. But the only thing they do is make women realize you smell funny. Such is not the case with Scent of Eros. The effects were rather subtle — they weren’t jumping over each other to get to me. But then again, you don’t want your pheromone to be over-the-top.

I saw small things, like how ladies would approach me first instead of the other way around. As I was talking to them, they smiled and looked genuinely interested, which is something I definitely wasn’t used to. The women seemed sincerely attracted, which helped a lot when I actually started making some moves.

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Max Attraction Gold

Max Attraction GoldMax Attraction Gold is the most potent pheromone spray made and manufactured by the folks at Luv Essentials. Luv Essentials have been around for 10 years and have been producing pheromones for that time. So they are definitely one of the companies that have been around the longest in the pheromone market. All of their products come with a 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Out of all their products, this has the highest combination of pheromones, 8 in total. Each bottle comes with 17.8mg of pheromones, which is pretty damn high. Especially when comparing to other products such as Pherazone or Nexus. There is only a scented version, it smells ok, I still use a cover fragrance. They recommend 1 spray around the neck, for best results.

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Alpha 7 Scented

Alpha 7 ScentedAlpha 7 Scented Pheromone is an oil based product that comes in a 10mL dropper bottle. They claim to have 40% more pheromones then Primal Instinct, which is one of our favorites. For every 7mg you get 6mg Androstenone and 1 mg Androsterone, which in theory is a really good mix. Alpha 7 is effective and women become more flirty!

For an experienced pheromone user, this product will work wonders! At the time of this review, the price was cut by 25%, which makes it a real bargain.

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The Edge PheromoneThe #8 pheromone cologne on our list is Edge for Men. It is an androstenone based cologne that is manufactured by LaCroy Chemical. It is available in both scented and unscented Sandalwood. Be advised that Edge for Men is a very volatile pheromone cologne because it contains androstenone. This human pheromone gives off a strong sexual vibe.

Although this cologne is filled with an ingredient that gives you loads of attraction power, it stinks. Both the scented and unscented versions smell like urine or like a man who’s been in the gym too long. You must wear it in combination with other pleasantly scented colognes. Unfortunately, Edge for Men has a really bad scent, but it gets great results. This is why it is still ranked on our list as #8 for the Top Pheromone Colognes for Men.

If you are new to pheromones, the main ingredient in Edge for Men is androstenone. There are both good and bad things about androstenone. First, it makes you appear aggressive, dominant, competitive and sexual. But on the flip side, it had bad side effects such as the following

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New Pheromone Additive

New Pheromone AdditiveNew Pheromone Additive is another heavy androstenone pheromones for men product. A great pheromones for men because it is cheap. It has 2.5mg of pure Androstenone. This is a great pheromone to mix with cologne or other pheromone products. Once you start mixing pheromones, NPA is a must for your arsenal. It often gets sold out and I’m not telling you this so you will buy it asap. It just gets sold out fast.

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Think about this …

Why would large pharmaceutical companies pour billions of dollars into pheromone-based products and research? That’s because study after study shows this “secret scent” which, by the way, is absolutely odorless, – is a powerful “chick attractor”. Guys who lack experience with women find themselves flooded with flirtatious behavior after just one use of pheromones.

The science is really easy to explain. When women are around men who are wearing this love potion, they lose complete control of their “rational brains”. They start thinking about their “passionate brains”.

The brain sends powerful love and sex signals, which women translate into flirts and strong pleas for sex. It’s exactly the same science behind animal instincts to mate and reproduce. That’s what triggers the animalistic desire in women to have sex.pheromones for men

Types of Pheromones for Men

Women also have pheromones. But we’re going to discuss pheromones designed for men to attract women. There are more of these products available.

The three key types of pheromones are androstenone, androsterone, and androstenol. Every available pheromone product has a combination of these 3 pheromones. Each pheromone is invisible and located underneath androgen steroids.


Androstenone is found in a man’s sweat and urine. Depending on each man’s olfactory genes, it usually smells like fresh vanilla or musty urine.

Most people can’t smell this pheromone, which means that they probably don’t react to it either. This is arguably the strongest pheromones among all three types and for good reasons, too. Although it’s secreted by women, men release it in significantly higher amounts, thus, its moniker as the male pheromone. It’s known to encourage feelings of intimidation, aggression, and dominance in men, which can create sexual tension. It has also the effect of encouraging assertiveness in males such that being the center of attention becomes desirable.


Women also have this pheromone naturally. Men have it too, but they don’t have as much as women. Androstenol makes it easier for people to communicate socially. Scientists have also found that it brings out aggression in men and makes them fight among each other. This pheromone is available in colognes and perfumes.

This pheromone comes in alpha and beta forms, each one producing slightly different effects. Both, nonetheless, create an approachable, friendly and youthful impression, which explains its reputation as the icebreaker pheromone. It also encourages an aura of virility and fertility. Users attest to its ability to stimulate feelings of romance, passion, and empathy. Albeit, in lesser degrees than the two other pheromones.


This is a very popular masculine pheromone. It is also known as just “arone.” It is an ectohormone that makes men more appealing and authoritative. Only about 65 percent of people recognize androsterone pheromones. This means that some react positively to them, but others are repelled by them. A lot of spray colognes contain androsterone in very little quantities. Amazingly, androsterone brings out aggression in both men and women.

10 Pheromone Colognes That Work


This pheromone stimulates masculinity – or at least, the impression of masculinity where women are concerned. It is, however, tempered by feelings of safety and security in females. This counteracts the aura of aggression brought by androstenone.

Pheromones in Humans

pheromone cologne


All of your senses play a big role in being attracted to someone. We all know human pheromones can attract you to another person which uses our sense of smell. Our instinct is to be visually attracted to the person who appears fit and ready for reproduction.

Many people become disinterested in a person after a bad first kiss. Your senses all work together. When your body first responds to a first kiss you are flooded with norepinephrine. Many of the experiences we relate to falling in love are linked to pheromone chemical reactions in the brain according to the best pheromones available at

The hormones estrogen and testosterone drive the feelings of lust. As relationships develop, so do complex feelings and chemical reactions. The initial feelings of infatuation are caused by sex pheromones released from our armpits.

Do Men Naturally Produce Pheromones?

If our body makes these pheromones on their own, why do we need this product? Because while your body produces pheromones, every day you’re washing this scent away when you take a shower or bath. You put on cologne, or perfumes, which can counteract these pheromones.

Another question many people ask is how long do these pheromones last? When used as recommended, they can last from eight to twelve hours, depending on the product and the concentration.

Benefits of Pheromones

pheromone benefitsBefore I started using pheromones, confidence was impossible for me. As much as I tried to tell myself of all the good things in my life, of my loving family and friends, I could not right the ship. All I could see was the bad in things. So much so, that I was sure I would never make anything more of myself than a loser.

Contrary to common belief, confidence is in all of us. It’s not some mysterious, unreachable quality that only people of extreme success seem to wear around their necks. It doesn’t come with money, it doesn’t come with beauty, it doesn’t come with intellect. Pheromones can enhance your confidence by subconsciously improving your aura and vibe around the opposite sex. This was my discovery.

Scientists believe there are three main neurotransmitters responsible for attraction; dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin. When you first start to fall in love with someone, your stress levels go up. This explains why you might have sweaty palms and a racing heart when you see your new lover.

Pheromones are chemicals humans produce that can affect the behavior and attraction of other surrounding animals. They are excreted through the skin and can be found in things like sweat and tears.

Pheromone attraction can help you find your best compatible mate. In one study, women were asked to rate different smell of different shirts worn by men. In most cases, women rated the shirts highest with the men whose DNA was most different from their own.

Do Pheromones Have Side Effects?

Unfortunately, many people experience bad side effects when using pheromones. But it’s easy to solve this problem. Usually, it’s because the product wasn’t used correctly, or they wore too many drops. When you drench yourself with a pheromone product, this doesn’t give better results.

Think of pheromones as lenses or glasses. When you have the ideal prescription, everything is okay. But when you’re prescribed more than what is needed, this is counterproductive. Your vision is blurred. This is why it is important to find the right balance when using pheromones.

Indeed, when you wear too much pheromone or use the wrong blend, you’ll experience side effects. Some of them include:

People will either become cold towards you or just totally ignore you. Don’t alienate yourself from the crowd. You don’t want to miss out on important or fun social events.

People are intimidated by you. This happens all of the time with pheromone products. Unfortunately, other men may see you as a threat and try to act tough. Chances are, they’re trying to get noticed by the same hot women that you want to impress. So, keep this in mind when wearing pheromones. If a problem arises, don’t overreact to their negative behavior.

Some adults will behave like children and try to disrespect you. Unfortunately, some pheromones cause this effect. They make people see you in a bad light and won’t show respect.

Are Pheromones a Scam?

Unfortunately, you can find plenty of fake products online, even on websites such as eBay and Amazon. Numerous fake reviews exist just to get you to make a purchase. The following are some of the most notable scam products to avoid:

  • Pheromone Advantage (Dr. Amend)
  • Pherlure
  • PherX
  • PheroMax

Each of these companies makes over the top claims about their products.

If you have questions about a product that I’ve haven’t discussed on this website, I’ll be happy to answer them. There aren’t too many pheromone colognes that I haven’t used. In the near future, I plan to make a list of products to avoid. So, standby.

Avoid These Mistakes

If you think that your pheromone product isn’t working then read on… If you have bought a product based on our recommendations then you haven’t fallen for a scam. Here are some reasons why pheromones might not work for you:

  • Overconfidence – Sometimes people get cocky when they put on pheromones. If you act like an ass then you will get treated like one. Make sure you have a sense of humor and are approachable (i.e. open body language)
  • Over expectations – Don’t expect pheromones to brainwash the opposite sex so that you have some kind of magnet effect. Pheromones do help to attract the opposite sex, but you have to make yourself available. Smile, be talkative and tell jokes.
  • Don’t tell – This is important. Do not tell people that you just met that you use pheromones. Most of the time they’ll change their impression of you and you won’t see them again.
  • Overdose – Simply, you use too much! The effects of overdosing are horrible, you will smell bad and won’t attract anything. Not only that, but pheromones can alter a person’s behavior so you may not seem as favorable to them.

Most of the time a pheromone product might not work for you because you don’t use the right amounts. Always read the directions on the bottle, if there isn’t any then contact support.

Best Results with Pheromone Colognes

sex pheromonesMake sure that your personal hygiene and grooming habits are on point.

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but I feel some men need to hear it again. Strangely enough, a lot of guys don’t care about their hygiene and grooming. But women take this very seriously and will hold it against you if you stink or look horrible.

Work on your personal hygiene and grooming

Women see everything. I have a friend who is a good person, but he has bad body odor. This is why I don’t invite him over to my house to hang out. I don’t want my home smelling like feet or corn chips. That’s just nasty. Also, I have plenty of female friends that feel the same. They complain about badly groomed men who want to date them. No one wants a smelly date.

Surprisingly, many of these men don’t look bad. It’s just that they smell bad or have bad breath. News Flash! If you look and smell like a bum, no pheromone cologne in the world will work for you.

This does wonder for your personal life and everyone else that comes into contact with you will be thankful. It’s amazing what a few changes can do for your social life. Good hygiene, grooming, charisma, magnetism, and confidence can change you into a man that attracts plenty of women.

Improve Your Personality

Did you know that your personality has a huge impact on your ability to attract women? It is one of the biggest factors. But what do you do to attract women? Some say that either you have what it takes, or you don’t. I found out that when it comes to attracting women, this is something that all men have to work on. It is a skill. I actually wrote a guide on how to develop personal magnetism.

However, understand that personality is important, but you also have to have good hygiene and grooming. When you look and smell great, this gives you a huge confidence boost. As a result, you’ll feel much better about yourself and be able to accomplish your goals.

This does not happen if you don’t treat yourself well.

As I said earlier, pheromones are very helpful, but they are not magical. They make things easier, but you must put in the work to get good results. When you work on your goals successfully, more doors open for you. Women will come naturally as a bonus. If you want a new life, start on that path right now.

Do They have a Money Back Guarantee?

Most pheromone manufacturers offer a money back guarantees. Many owners use their own products, which makes the products even better in the eyes of consumers. They stand by their products, and you can get a refund or replacement.

I know that the shortest guarantee available is 45 days, and this is plenty of time to know whether it works for you. Most vendors have unlimited money back guarantees. If you hate the product, just return it. I actually know some of the people who have created pheromone products. They are good people who have designed great products. So, you have nothing to lose when testing pheromone products.


Hopefully, I’ve given you enough information about pheromones for men. I wanted to tell you everything that you need to know about them. They are a natural part of the human and animal anatomy. Actually, plenty of animals use the power of scent as a weapon to discourage predators, find food, and attract potential mates. Think about it. Humans basically do the same thing, but we are more sophisticated about it.

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