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Pheromones For Men That Get Results!

In this article we will discuss the current role of pheromones in men. Everything is about looks. Only it isn’t. I tried clubbing, house parties, online dating, and even book clubs. No matter what I tried it never went further then that. Pheromones are naturally occurring body chemicals that trigger sexual attraction in women for men. Pheromones have a history dating back to ancient civilizations.

Only now, they are available as easy to dispense scent supplements that men can just dab on or spray on for maximum results. Are you still not convinced?

Think about this …

Why would large pharmaceutical companies pour billions of dollars into pheromone-based products and research? That’s because study after study has proven that this “secret scent” which, by the way, is absolutely odorless, – is a powerful “chick attractor”. Guy who have had little or no social lives have found themselves flooded with flirts and solicitous proposals from gorgeous women after just one use of pheromones for men.

The science is really easy to explain. When women are around men who are wearing this love potion, they lose complete control of their “rational brains” and start thinking with their “passionate brains”.

The brain sends powerful love and sex signals, which women translate into flirts and strong pleas for sex. It’s exactly the same science behind animal instincts to mate and reproduce. That’s what triggers the animalistic desire in women to have sex. ml.

Do Pheromones Colognes Work?

This is a hotly contested debate. There is a whole community of users who vouch for pheromones. If you are new to the game then a lot of people recommend that you try Pherazone.

The Chemistry of Love

Scientists believe there are three main neurotransmitters responsible for attraction; dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin. When you first start to fall in love with someone, your stress levels are elevated. This explains why you might have sweaty palms and a racing heart when you see your new lover.

Best Pheromones For 2017 Review

Pheromones are chemicals humans produce than can effect the behavior and attraction of other surrounding animals. They are excreted through the skin and can be found in things like sweat and tears.

Pheromone attraction can help you find your best compatible mate. In one study, women were asked to rate different smell of different shirts worn by men. In most cases, women rated the shirts highest with the men who’s DNA was most different from their own.

How Do Pheromones Work

All of your senses play a big role in being attracted to someone. We all know pheromones can attract you to another person which uses our sense of smell. Our instinct is to be visually attracted to the person who appears fit and ready for reproduction.

Many people become disinterested in a person after a bad first kiss. Your senses all work together. When your body first responds to a first kiss you are flooded with norepinephrine. Many of the experiences we relate to falling in love are linked to pheromone chemical reactions in the brain according to the best pheromones available at

The hormones estrogen and testosterone drive the feelings of lust. As relationships develop, so do complex feelings and chemical reactions. The initial feelings of infatuation are caused by sex pheromones released from our armpits.

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