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Do Pheromones Work In Humans?

Do pheromones work in humans? There is quite a bit of hype regarding the whole idea of pheromones.

Do Pheromones Work?

Several scientific studies have been conducted on these chemicals. We can mention landmark studies like that from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine and the Monell Chemical Senses Center.

It was discovered that humans do produce sexual pheromones. The postmenopausal study conducted by Susan Rako, M.D. and Joan Friebely, Ed.D wherein women were found to use pheromones to their advantage; and a study done by Drs. Norma McCoy and Lisa Pitino at the San Francisco State University where the socio-sexual behavior of women in relation to pheromones was studied in detail.

From these studies, researchers have discovered that the strongest pheromones in males can be detected by the vomeronasal organ, a specialized part of the respiratory system located inside the nose. It then sends the appropriate signals to the hypothalamus – the brain’s center of control for sexual and emotional behavior. Of course, the appropriate signal refers to a heightened interest of the women in the man who produced the pheromone scent.

The Effects

pheromone effectsTo understand the effects of these sexual attractants, think of a crowded bar, pub or nightclub where the opposite mingle over food, drinks, and dance. The men who secrete the strongest pheromones tend to attract the most number of women although their physical looks will not give Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp a run for their money. The secret appears to be in how good they smell to others although other factors like good clothes, good hygiene, and good attitude also come into play.

Scientific studies have also pointed out how pheromones work on a biological level. Let’s take the female point of view to understand the male perspective in sexual attraction.

When women are in their ovulation period, they secrete higher levels of copulins – the only known pheromone in women. When males detect these female pheromones, their testosterone levels increase, thus, making them more attracted to the women while the women will respond to the men’s secretion of their own male pheromones.

Indeed, the secretion of the strongest pheromones in men starts a domino effect in the process of physical attraction between the sexes.

What Are Pheromones and How Do They Work?

In fact, pheromones are natural chemical signals that are within your body. The signals are released and subsequently, have some kind of effect on other people. Many people believe these pheromones are transferred to the sweat glands so they are excreted afterward. The type of pheromone that is to be excreted depends on the gender. If you are a male, you will have the male pheromone or “androstenone”.

Otherwise, you will have the female pheromone which is also known as “copulin”. This pheromone gives the sweat gland a unique scent and that scent is responsible for attracting certain people of the opposite sex. People that are attracted to this scent will enjoy the person’s company simply because the pheromone gives off a good feeling.

Because of the way pheromones work, you can pretty much explain why some people really feel that urge to stay close and eventually get into a serious relationship. It is true that different men and women have different preferences for the opposite sex but one thing they share in common is that they want someone who has a lot of acceptable characteristics as well as people with a similar hip-to-waist ratio and facial symmetry.

People Have Different Preferences

But some individuals do not really care so much about looks. You might be curious if you see a beautiful young lady with a guy that is not that good-looking. Once again, the secret is behind the smell which can be very potent thanks to the pheromones. It is proven that pheromones can be so powerful that they can change the behavior of people around them. This explains that feeling that some people get where they feel attracted to someone without even being aware.

They act to convey messages in a similar way as an email or a conversation but many times they have more impact or forcefulness behind them while at the same time appearing completely unknown to the person who gets the message. Pheromones are used to convey a huge number of messages from animals marking their territory or warning of danger right up to human pheromones being used for sexual attraction. Pheromones are very diverse though normally they are recognized as one of three distinct types.

Some researchers even discovered that pheromones can contain some vital information regarding the person’s immune system. As a result, you can tell if the person has a very healthy immune system if you are very attracted to the scent.

Before getting into the top pheromones on the market today, we should first look at what they are, what they do, and why people are using these enhancements today.

Why Pheromones Might Not Work For You

Just because you’re wearing the top-rated pheromone doesn’t mean that it’ll work for you. Or maybe, it works for a few months but stops working all of a sudden.

So, imagine this. You want to get the attention of a, particularly beautiful woman. So, you do your research and mix a couple of top pheromones together to make an awesome product. You can’t wait to see how it works on your new conquest, but…

It doesn’t work. Why? What happened?

I’ll talk about this and some of the interesting things I’ve learned about using pheromones. This includes why some women don’t react to certain pheromones and how you can change this. The following is a list of reasons why this happens from time to time.

Reason 1: Your seduction game is weak

Unfortunately, a lot of guys use pheromones to hide that they don’t know how to talk to women.

Honestly, I think is one of the main reasons men can’t get dates. They think pheromones are magical sprays that can get them laid.

I’ve said numerous times that pheromones are intense, but you must do something other than just use them to get good results. You have to work hard to make women feel comfortable around you. Talk to them in a casual way to make them feel special. It is up to you to break down walls and move on to the next level.

The purpose of pheromones is to make it easier for you to master the game of seduction. Just a touch can make the average woman flutter. Flirty conversation makes her blush. Consider giving her a warm compliment and see the wonderful response you will get. However, if you really want to possess magnetic charm, try Pherazone.

Reason 2: The point of “diminishing returns”

In reference to pheromones, what does the term diminishing returns mean? It means that the harder you work, the less return you’ll receive on your investment. For instance, during the first two years of exercise, your body totally changes. But as the years go by, it gets harder to put on more muscle.

Lifting 5 pounds is harder than adding 5 pounds in the very beginning. The same thing happens with pheromones. As the years go by, they aren’t as effective. Remember that beautiful woman you were chasing? Once she’s been exposed to your pheromones for a while, they don’t affect her.

So, how do you get around this? The solution is so easy. Either mix things up or change your pheromone. In my experience, I notice diminishing returns with fallout or romantic types of pheromones. But when I take these same products and mix them with something else, things get back on track.

Pheromones For Men That Work 2018

What happens? She’s accustomed to your old pheromone and acts a particular way. But when you change things up, she doesn’t understand why she feels differently about you. You interest her, but she doesn’t know what is happening. These two things are very exciting for women. This is one of the main ways to create the fallout effect.

Reason 3: She isn’t available

Guys are always asking me how to convince women to leave a relationship. Really dude? This makes me mad. Think about it. If she’ll leave him, she’ll do the same to you later on.

Also, why do you want her to leave a happy relationship? Now, I’m not saying that pheromones don’t work on available women. She’s still going to be attracted to you. She’ll still flirt with you.

But how are you going to get her from her current man? You’ll have to work hard to convince her to leave him. Why go through all of this? Is it really worth it? Well, I don’t think so. Save time and find a pretty girl that is available.

Reason 4: She is “emotionally” to someone else

Surprisingly, it’s easier to solve this problem. She’s not actually in a relationship, but she still likes someone else. Sure, there’s competition, but you can beat it if you know what you’re doing.

Pheromones give you an edge over men who don’t use them. But you still have to work hard. When you want a woman who likes another man, make her believe that you’re the only loveable man in the world.

No one can say how long it takes the fallout effect to happen. After a while, she will begin to show the same feelings for you that she has for the other guy, and these feelings may be deeper. Yes, this might take a long time. As a matter of fact, you may feel that the product isn’t working anymore. But be patient. Don’t give up just yet.

Reason 5: She’s too immature or even too mature

I learned those products with androstadienone impact women differently in terms of maturity. They don’t act the same when it comes to affection, emotions, and attachment. Young women in their 20’s are repelled because you don’t want a relationship. They ignore you now but want you later on in life. Maybe this happens because they begin to miss you. Or maybe they know that you can provide comfort or affection when they are ready for it.

When women are emotionally immature, products that contain androstadienone do not affect them. These are products such as XiSt and Nude. However, use them to get them to notice you. Then switch to other products that are androstadienone based mixtures, if you want better results.

I’m still testing this theory, but I wanted to mention it because most men want to date younger women.

If you want to start a new relationship with a woman, think about her personal attributes. Then, see which products she responds to the most. Consider the following. Does she react better to aggressive or romantic pheromone formulas?

Pheromones Are Subliminal

Pheromones are a natural chemical that all species on earth produce in one way or another. It is the scent that drives people to each other, the scent that makes bees seek out the queen and do what she says. It is used to attract the opposite sex, whether it is a female that is seeking a mate or the other way around. There are a number of different kinds of pheromones that can be secreted, sexual attractants, food, as well as alarm type pheromones that trigger a fight or flight response.

In the modern world, there are many situations where natural sexual pheromones are simply not enough. Some men don’t produce enough of the natural chemical, or they have to compete with other males, like when they go to a club or bar. Those people that don’t produce enough sexual pheromone on their own have a hard time meeting women, which can lower their self-confidence and self-esteem dramatically. By using pheromones, men can have more confidence, be more sociable as well as attractive.

One of the best things about pheromones is that you can’t outwardly smell them, like a cologne or aftershave. This is because the gland that senses pheromones, vomeronasal organ, or VNO is located about three inches inside the nasal cavity.

This gland, when it picks up the pheromone, starts sending signals to the brain that cause a response. You will find women will be drawn to you, want to be with you, and you will get more dates that lead to something more, more often than anyone else.

How Pheromones Affect Behavior

You are about to board an airplane. The skies in the distance look tumultuous and the air is crackling with lightning. Ibis, you think to yourself, is not going to bed very pleasant flight.

You feel a sudden wave of panic. Your palms begin to sweat. Your mouth is dry. As the plane taxis and prepares for takeoff, you reach into your carry-on luggage for a small container that resembles a bottle of eyedrops.

You uncap the bottle and inhale the substance into each nostril. Instantly, you feel relaxed. The effect lasts for a few hours and then gradually wears off. You risk no addiction to this substance and will experience no side effects. A miracle drug? Perhaps. The substance described in this hypothetical scenario is a pheromone designed to put the lid on acute (short-term) anxiety.

Anxiety is generally marked by tension, feelings of apprehension and danger, and an overall sense of unease.

Future Research In Human Pheromones

According to pheromone researchers, “The pheromones that will capture a major market share in the future is the drug that acts immediately, does not cause dependence, does not cause sedation or drowsiness, limits the possibility of overdose, does not interact with alcohol and is, most importantly, effective in avoiding the withdrawal symptoms of the benzodiazepines.”

If pheromone pharmaceutical research goes as planned, people might someday be able to sniff pheromones and eradicate any episode of acute anxiety, whether while aboard an airplane or at an important business meeting. When sniffed into the nose, the vomeropherins would travel to the VNO and, once there, send a signal to the brain to replace anxiety with a feeling of calm. Pherin scientists are now engaged in clinical trials of these substances in the hope that they can soon bring them to the marketplace and, in the process, “truly revolutionize pheromone therapy.”

The pharmaceutical market would understandably welcome an effective pheromone that has no serious side effects. To that end, Pherin is investigating how pheromones could control a person’s appetite by telling the hypothalamus to dull the urge to eat. Because a vomeropherin appetite-control drug would not involve the body systemically, it would not produce any measurable side effects.

Pheromone research continues to garner attention and interest at scientific conferences on human physiology. Pheromones were featured prominently at the Thirteenth International Symposium of the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology held in Monaco in May 1997.


Some people refute the claims that pheromones have any bearing on sexual attraction but the huge number of people who use pheromones (myself included) claim they have marvelous results. Pheromone attraction is largely a subjective discipline and not one in which a controlled scientific study can be performed with absolute merit. Therefore we really only have the word of people who use these pheromones to go on.

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