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Do Pheromones Work In Humans?

There is quite a bit of hype regarding the whole idea of pheromones. You can guess that pheromones is related to hormones but there is so much more that you need to know especially if you are very interested with male and female attraction. In fact, pheromones are natural chemical signals that are within your body.

How Pheromones Work

The signals are then released and subsequently have some kind of effect to other people. Many people believe these pheromones are transferred to the sweat glands so they are excreted afterwards. The type of pheromone that is to be excreted depends on the gender. If you are a male, you will have the male pheromone or “androstenone”. Otherwise, you will have the female pheromone which is also known as “copulin”. This pheromone gives the sweat gland a unique scent and that scent is responsible for attracting certain people of the opposite sex. People that are attracted to this scent will enjoy the person’s company simply because the pheromone gives off a good feeling.

Because of the way pheromones work, you can pretty much explain as to why some people really feel that urge to stay close and eventually get into a serious relationship. It is true that different men and women have different preferences for the opposite sex but one thing they share in common is that they want someone who has a lot of acceptable characteristics as well as people with a similar hip-to-waist ratio and facial symmetry.

But some individuals do not really care so much about looks. You might be curious if you see a beautiful young lady with a guy that is not that good-looking. Once again, the secret is behind the smell which can be very potent thanks to the pheromones. It is proven that pheromones can be so powerful that they can change the behavior of people around them. This explains that feeling that some people get where they feel attracted to someone without even being aware.

Some researchers even discovered that pheromones can contain some vital information regarding the person’s immune system. As a result, you can tell if the person has a very healthy immune system if you are very attracted to the scent.

Before getting into the top pheromones on the market today, we should first look at what they are, what they do, and why people are using these enhancements today. Pheromones are a natural chemical that all species on earth produce in one way or another. It is the scent that drives people to each other, the scent that makes bees seek out the queen and do what she says. It is used to attract the opposite sex, whether it is a female that is seeking a mate or the other way around. There are a number of different kinds of pheromones that can be secreted, sexual attractants, food, as well as alarm type pheromones that triggers a fight or flight response.

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In the modern world, there are many situations where natural sexual pheromones are simply not enough. Some men don’t produce enough of the natural chemical, or they have to compete with other males, like when they go to a club or bar. Those people that don’t produce enough sexual pheromone on their own have a hard time meeting women, which can lower their self confidence and self esteem dramatically. By using pheromones, men can have more confidence, be more sociable as well as attractive.

One of the best things about pheromones is that you can’t outwardly smell them, like a cologne or aftershave. This is because the gland that senses pheromones, vomeronasal organ, or VNO is located about three inches inside the nasal cavity. This gland, when it picks up the pheromone, starts sending signals to the brain that cause a response. You will find women will be drawn to you, want to be with you, and you will get more dates that lead to something more, more often than anyone else.

Some things people ask when they hear about top pheromones are, ‘If our body makes these pheromones on their own, why do we need this product?’ Because while your body produces pheromones, every day you are washing this scent away when you take a shower or bath, shave with creams and use deodorant. You put on cologne, or perfumes, which can counteract these pheromones. Another question many people ask is how long do these top pheromones last? When used as recommended, they can last from eight to twelve hours, depending on the product and the concentration.


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