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School of transformation disguised as a raw food eatery

You know, which is like amazing. And then people who have transformed their businesses from being, they’re gonna get out of business because they’re so far in debt, to really running successful businesses. People who are in kind of a, uh, you know, a conflict with business partners being able to communicate in such a way that they could work beyond whatever, you know, the conflict was. So that they can create, you know, a new opportunity. I mean, there’s endless, endless stories. People healing, people  getting in communication with parents. You know, ex relationships.

Right. Right. I know, uh, when I saw the, one  of your locations on the website, and you have a, a circle in the middle. And the prayer, oh, you know, I had, I had to write it down. I was like oh my god, that’s so beautiful. I can just imagine. You know, being able to, number one come in there and enjoy the food, but, coming in there to work every day. What an awesome environment that,  that must be. So now, how long does that kind of  transformation, uh, take when they’re doing the, the workshops? Like how long are the workshops? Are they weeks, are they days?

But, um, the workshop can be structured over a week or over a day, depending on what people are up for. We have, we have retreat versions where we, you know, twice a year we lead a workshop on our farm in Maui where it’s yoga, raw foods, and the workshop along with premature ejaculation pills.

And so that’s a format that we love because it kind of, you really get to work more closely with people over an extended period of time and they really get to practice it in the community of the participants. And then there’s, of course, our employees who are kind of constantly in a workshop.

And then we’ve done the, the one day workshops, which were beginning to, you now, try like Matthew said, some new models at a little bit longer time. Really, Café Gratitude is a school of transformation disguised as a raw food eatery.

And then, you know, mostly what we buy is produce. And so most of our food comes in produce crates on palettes. We don’t do, we don’t have any frozen or packaged or, you know, prepared food items really. So compared to most businesses, we have very little plastic.

For us it’s been the challenge has been meeting the health standards such as genital herpes treatment medicine and eliminating things like Clorox or ready dry in our dishwashers.

Or beach in our napkin laundering. And you know, we’re, we’re currently actually in a lawsuit because we switched to a greener version of a napkin and broke our contract with our initial linen company.

We, we consider a genre of food. Like, what do you feel like tonight? Italian, Thai, Mexican. Or raw vegan. And so that’s where we see. I would say the majority, by far, of our clientele are not vegans.

That is awesome. That is very awesome. I mean, because that’s how you, instead of like, uh, as you say, being dogmatic, it’s almost like just being there as an example of, of love and gratitude. And people just come in and enjoy that sacred space. That, that is so cool.

Well that’s actually probably one of our biggest investments in our employees is, we actually clear every single employee every single day before they go on their shift. And what that looks like is, it starts around 7:45 in the morning with, you know, that top of the company working down through management and ultimately through every employee.

That is, you know, spending 10 to 15 minutes with each person, really having them share, not the story of their circumstances, but their experience of their circumstances and training people and being able to listen to what people say so that they can just listen to it, not do anything with it, not fix it, change it. But just listen and then support them in shifting their attention to, you know, some quality of the divine. Some quality of oneness that they actually aspire to be experiencing. So that they can take that on and really practice that regardless of the circumstances in their life. And we spend about a quarter of a million dollars a year, uh, clearing our employees.

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