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How To Significantly Boost Sperm Count

Low sperm count, which is the main cause of male infertility, can be temporary or permanent. Well-known causes of a temporary low sperm count condition are – intensive cycling, heat exposure, tight-fitting inner wear, stress, tension and sleeplessness. Other causes can be infection, smoking, alcohol consumption, frequent ejaculation, prostate gland infection, steroid use, swelling of veins (varicocele), and more. Depending on the cause of low sperm count, there are a range of treatment options available:


People with Varicocele, or the swelling of veins along the cord that holds the testicles, can be surgically treated.


Sometimes infections present in the reproductive tract can cause a low sperm count. Such infections can be cured with antibiotics. However, it is not necessary that the curing of the infection will restore fertility.


When a low sperm count is caused by low or spiked-up hormones, your doctor may prescribe hormone replacement or hormone-treating medication.


Folic acid and zinc supplements are known to boost sperm counts. Both folic acid and Zinc are essential for DNA formation and sperm creation. A study has proved that men with low fertility levels who took 5 mg of folic acid and 66 mg of zinc sulphate every day for 26 weeks in a row registered a 74% increase in normal sperm count and a 4% decrease in abnormal sperm count. The same study found that healthy men, with no fertility problems, did not experience a significant betterment in their normal sperm count. The study went on to conclude that both folic acid and zinc must be taken together to have any impact.

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Antioxidants hunt down and remove free radicals from our system. Free radicals are known to hurt cellular and metabolic processes, including processes that help create sperms. Grapeseed Extract and other supplements that are rich in antioxidants are known sperm count enhancers. Many doctors recommend Vitamins C, E and B12 Selenium to help increase normal sperm count. Sperm count enhancing supplements like FertilAid that contain antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and the amino acid, L-Carnitine work very well too. Zinc Arginine is known to help as well.

Researchers opine that though there are studies that prove that L-Carnitine or a Zinc-Folic acid combo or vitamins help men with low fertility improve sperm counts, more study is needed on how a combination of all these nutrients work together.


Low sperm count conditions that are temporary in nature must combine their medical treatment with lifestyle changes. For example, they must try to give up on hot baths, steroids, frequent sexual encounters, tight inner wear, smoking and alcohol. Plus, if a low sperm count is caused by heavy cycling, that should be moderated. If caused by stress and tension, then the patient must take it easy.

Ultimately, know that low sperm count is not a condition that will magically vanish one fine day. It needs treatment and supplements and if required, lifestyle changes.

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