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Vigrx Plus In-Depth Review

Vigrx Plus for Men

VigRX Plus is one of the most popular male enhancement products out in the market today. The product is not actually new; in fact, it has been available to the public for many years. It works by increasing blood flow to the penis and improves the quantity and quality of erections. It can also increase orgasm pleasure.


Vigrx PlusVigRX Plus is an all-natural herbal libido pill for men. The product is marketed by Leading Edge Health (a BBB accredited business) since 2001. Clinical studies show the effectiveness of a double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled study. The study was performed by a third-party known as Vedic Life Sciences.

At the core of the studies was examining VigRX Plus’ ability to increase sexual performance and sex drive. The product did earn endorsements from a well-known celebrity doctor names Dr. Steven Liamm. Liamm wrote the bestseller titled “Hardness Factor.” Many customers have purchased this product as it has been used by over a half a million people since first arriving on the market.

To say things become very frustrating when you don’t perform as expected in bed would be an understatement. Everyone loves sex, but a number of men have a tough time getting a long-lasting erection. Even when libido is strong and erectile problems are non-existent, your partner may have a lot of demands on you.

As a result, you start to become obsessed with the idea of having a bigger, longer and harder penis. This way, you can better satisfy your partner and put your own worries and frustrations to rest. Prescription pills, however, might not be your first preference. They can have unpleasant side effects and be costly.

The Clinical Test

Vigrx Plus Clinical TrialThe formula is a result of extensive scientific research and clinical studies. The clinical study evaluated the effectiveness and most importantly, the safety of the drug in curing erectile dysfunction and in promoting men’s overall sexual health.

The parameters for the clinical test on VigRX Plus included 75 male respondents aged between 25 and 50. The respondents were carefully selected using strict criteria set by researchers and medical professionals. The entire study was done within an 84-day period with frequent visits, interviews, and exams to monitor the changes and the effects of the drug.

The respondents were grouped according to their initial IIEF or International Index of Erectile Function scores – a standardized tool used to measure results of male enhancement drugs.

The final result was measured using this tool as well. IIEF is a self-administered questionnaire designed for cross-cultural settings to determine treatment-related changes in test subjects. The design of the clinical study was based on a randomized double-blind study where half of the respondents were given the actual drug and half of which were given a placebo.

The first group of respondents had IIEF scores ranging from 11-23 (patients which had existing erectile dysfunction). The second group had scores ranging from 21-35 (which had a normal erectile function).

The respondents were given a 15-day washout period before the tests drugs were administered. They were directed to take in 2 capsules of the test drug twice a day during meals for 12 weeks. Each capsule contained 360 mg of the active drug.


The criterion for evaluation was primarily based on IIEF-A scores, which was the Erectile Domain Function of the IIEF. The secondary efficacy evaluation aimed to detect an increase in the total score of the quality of sexual life questionnaire. Aside from that, it also sought to detect the improvement in IIEF-B scores or the score other than the erectile dysfunction domain. Other parameters evaluated were serum testosterone and semen analysis.

Is It Safe?

Patient’s statistics and vital signs were regularly monitored throughout the study. Results have shown no significant changes in these parameters. Use of Vigrx Plus is completely safe given that patients have no pre-existing health conditions.

What Makes VigRX Plus Work?

All the unique and reliable ingredients play a major role in the product working to a desirable level. Here is a look at a few of those ingredients and what they do:

Ginkgo Biloba

Studies have shown that Ginkgo biloba extract may have various health benefits, including those for failing memory, dementia and poor blood circulation. It helps maintain healthy blood vessel tone and reduce blood viscosity. This allows more blood to flow to the brain and the penis.


Damiana serves as a “pleasure enhancer.” A common benefit associated with Damiana is its ability to serve as a strengthener of orgasms. Erection quality increases a great deal as well, but the main benefit to taking Damiana would be the potential to experience far more pleasurable orgasms.

Now, if sex becomes a lot more pleasurable, then you may wish to have sex more often. So, you could say Damiana plays a part in improving sex drive to a degree.

Catuaba Bark Extract

It serves as a “Libido Enhancer.” Superficially, this makes it seem like just another sex drive elevator. To a degree, this is what the herb does but Cutuba Bark Extract does play a bigger role than just doing that. It also increases energy levels so you can go all night.

That supports the potential to last longer during sexual intercourse. Stamina may go through the proverbial roof thanks to this ingredient. Worries about satisfying your partner just may be diminished as a result.

Don't Buy Stamina RX

Horny Goat Weed

Out of the thousand botanical herbs being studied today, the Horny Goat Weed has captured the attention of herbalists, chemists, and researchers because of its unique chemical ingredients that have the power to remarkably change the sexual lives of millions.

Although the Horny Goat Weed is regarded as a relatively novel phenomenon in the US its very existence can be traced back to ancient times. Legend has it that a Chinese goat herder was the very first person to discover the potential of Horny Goat Weed when he noticed the increase of his herd’s sexual activity after being fed with Horny Goat Weed.

Over time, the Horny Goat Weed has successfully made its way across the globe unceasingly attracting the attention of millions. And what is even surprising is that in spite of the competitiveness of contemporary pharmacology, Horny Goat Weed remains to be on top of its game because it never fails to disappoint its consumers. Today, you can purchase Horny Goat Weed supplements from pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, grocery stores and you can even order one online.


Bioperine has recently been added to the formula for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of each ingredient added to the supplement. It supports the body’s digestion process along with gastrointestinal absorption.

This means that Bioperine does not play a direct role in male enhancement. It can support each ingredient’s ability to perform a better job at assimilation improves thanks to Bioperine potential to enhance the metabolism’s ability to absorb nutrients.


Guys who add Ginseng to their daily routine can both enjoy positive benefits of improved interest in sex through higher libido‘s as well as both having more pleasure as a result of the enhanced functioning of all erectile tissues.

For her, that translates to faster engorgement at the clitoris, G-spot and deep spot areas, enhanced sensitivity and easier to achieve orgasms.

Recent studies with American ginseng show it affects the neurotransmitter chemistry in the hypothalamus involved in copulatory behavior and sex hormone secretion.

Saw Palmetto Berry

Saw Palmetto Berry acts as a unique “Hormone Manager” through purported preventing androgen and estrogen activity which, in turn, supports healthy hormone levels.

It curtails testosterone from turning into dihydrotestosterone, which causes prostate enlargement.



In conclusion, the results given out by patients who took the test drug was significantly higher compared to those who were taking the placebo. It also showed significant positive results for those who had pre-existing erectile dysfunction problems.

Compared to other drugs, VigRX was actually capable of improving sexual drive.


I took VigRX for a full 30 days and was ready to have sex again. It was amazing. You should have seen how my girlfriend behaved in bed. It was a total change. She was moaning and groaning like I’d never seen before. She even screamed my name a couple of times.

Before using VigRX, I could last no more than 2 minutes in bed. But that night, I lasted for more than 30 minutes. These days, my girlfriend treats me totally differently. The next day, she called and asked me out to dinner. Everything changed because she paid for dinner that night.

Of course, we had sex at the end of the date. When it was over, I told her that I needed to get up early in the morning. But she begged me for more sex. Now, I think she likes me more than I like her.

VigRX has totally changed my relationship. We almost broke up, but now she can’t take her hands off of me. I used VigRX for two months. During this time, I experienced an inch and a half growth in length. The good thing about this product is that it is 100 percent natural, which means there are no bad side effects. I don ejaculate quickly these days, and I last much longer in the bedroom. This is all because of VigRX.


VigRX Plus stands as one of the all-time best selling OTC male enhancement products on the market. Proven clinical results do assist sales. Those results can be viewed in the peer-reviewed scientific commentary. Ultimately, the product’s ability to support enhanced blood flow to the penis supports many benefits men seek including increased sex drive.

Independent research speaks well of VigRX Plus, but don’t fall for advertising hype suggesting the product can permanently increase penis size. Only temporary growth in erect length is possible due to the harder, firmer erections.

During my own personal six-month trial, I discovered the product to be superior to a lot of other top-selling supplements on the market. VigRX Plus simply delivers the results I want in the bedroom.

The 67-day money back guarantees mean you can try it risk-free. Be sure to save all the containers in order to receive your money back offer. I give VigRX Plus a top recommendation, a number one recommendation, as the best product for increasing libido and making erections stronger. It does not receive any recommendation for the ability to increase penis size.

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