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Does Vigrx Plus Have Side Effects?

VigRX Plus is one of most popular male enhancement products out in the market today. The product is not actually new; in fact, it has been available to the public for many years now. The medication has been specifically designed to increase blood flow to the penis and improve the quantity and quality of erections. It is also popularly used to cure impotence in men.

The medication’s formulation is a result of extensive scientific research and clinical studies. The clinical study was designed especially to evaluate the effectiveness and most importantly, the safety of the drug in curing erectile dysfunction and in promoting men’s over-all sexual health.

The Clinical Test

The parameters for the clinical test on VigRX Plus included 75 male respondents aged between 25 and 50. The respondents were carefully selected using a strict criteria set by researchers and medical professionals. The entire study was done within an 84-day period with frequent visits, interviews and exams to monitor the changes and the effects of the drug.

The respondents were grouped according to their initial IIEF or International Index of Erectile Function scores – a standardized tool used to measure results of male enhancement drugs. The final result was measured using this tool as well. IIEF is a self-administered questionnaire designed for cross cultural settings to determine treatment-related changes in test subjects. The design of the clinical study was based on a randomized double blind study where half of the respondents were given the actual drug and half of which were given a placebo.

The first group of respondents had IIEF scores ranging from 11-23 (patients which had existing erectile dysfunction). The second group had scores ranging from 21-35 (which had normal erectile function). After selecting the desired respondents, all were given a 15-day wash out period before the tests drugs were administered. They were directed to take in 2 capsules of the test drug twice a day during meals for 12 weeks. Each capsule contained 360 mg of the active drug.

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The criterion for evaluation was primarily based on IIEF-A scores, which was the Erectile Domain Function of the IIEF. The secondary efficacy evaluation aimed to detect increase on the total score of the quality of sexual life questionnaire. Aside from that, it also sought to detect the improvement on IIEF-B scores or the score other than the erectile dysfunction domain. Other parameters evaluated were serum testosterone and semen analysis.

The Safety Factor

Patient’s statistics and vital signs were regularly monitored throughout the study. Results have shown no significant changes in these parameters. This means that use of the drug is completely safe given that patients have no pre-existing health conditions that may aggravate the effect of the drug to harmful levels.


In conclusion, the results given out by patients who took the test drug was significantly higher compared to those who were taking the placebo. It also showed significantly positive results for those who had pre-existing erectile dysfunction problems. Compared to other drugs which produced stronger erections alone, VigRX was actually capable of improving sexual drive and over-all sexual intercourse satisfaction between both partners.

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