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What Are Pheromones?

What are pheromones?

You have heard about pheromones and their power to increase your success with the opposite sex. Knowing how pheromones work and what results to expect will help you figure out how to choose pheromone colognes.

The strongest pheromones are naturally produced by the human body. These chemicals increase the attraction that we feel and affect our decisions about choosing a partner. Here is everything that you need to know about pheromones.

How do Pheromones Work?

Pheromones are odorless in the traditional way. Natural pheromones are found in male perspiration and they affect physical attraction. Many people describe love as chemistry and in the case of pheromones, it is precisely such.

A small gland called Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) is located above the roof of the mouth. This gland is responsible for ‘reading’ the signals sent by pheromones. They will be deciphered whenever smelled or tasted, making a woman feel attraction towards a specific man.

There are two main types of male pheromones – androsterone and androstenone. These are used in the production of pheromone colognes. The big question is are the colognes produced using the strongest pheromones and do they really affect the chemistry between two individuals?

What Are Love Pheromones?

Do you want to learn more about pheromones? Can they really create attachment and spark a love interest? First, you should know there are different categories of pheromones. But for the purpose of this article, I’m discussing two of them.

Pheromones can ramp up feelings of love. So, exactly what is love? It is an emotion that comes from the heart.

Love is hard to describe, but it is basically a very deep bond that you have with someone else. It could also be a passion that you have for something, such as music or a tangible object.

Love produces a feeling of euphoria when you’re around a special person. But then again, there are different types of love based on the person. You love family, friends and romantic partners in different ways.

As a matter of fact, you can still have feelings for family, friends and even an ex-lover when they’ve hurt your feelings. Indeed, love is a complex emotion, but it is one that all humans experience at some point in their life.

This article discusses romantic love and the impact pheromones have on this type of love. Now that I’ve given you a good definition of love, I’ll discuss what takes place when people fall in love. You know…physical signs such as dilated pupils and sweaty palms. Some people even feel butterflies in the stomach.

Why do you feel euphoric when you fall in love?

According to Dr. Cutler for Athena Institute, most people think that its magic or the impact of pheromones. But this is not true.

The reason is that there is a mixture of chemicals that the brain releases. This makes you feel happiness, lust, romance, and desire. These chemicals are also released via certain medications. This explains why addicts experience severe withdrawal symptoms. It also explains why people are upset when they end love relationships. They are in deep pain.

All in all, love is basically a drug, and we are going to discuss how pheromones impact love. Did you know that people go through 6 stages before they bond romantically with another person? But keep in mind, this doesn’t happen in just a day, and these stages aren’t in any particular order.

Some people don’t automatically fall in love when they first meet. It can take weeks, months or even years later. Chemical combinations are present when you first meet someone. The brain could take a while to make you have feelings for someone.

Different Pheromones Used in Attraction

Also, different pheromones are triggered to initiate attraction. The following are just a few:


This is one of the most intense pheromones available. It is a proven to make you a babe magnet. It impacts women so that they are at ease around you. Once they’ve been exposed to you, they long to be with you. Honestly, I think this one is the main love pheromone.


This pheromone makes people trust and respect you. Women are attracted to you because it makes you seem like the perfect breadwinner who is reliable enough to raise children. It gives off a protector vibe that women like.

Androstenone/ Androstanone

This pheromone gives off a huge alpha vibe which may seem intimidating if you wear too much. It has high testosterone levels and behaves as a love pheromone by creating the first sexual attraction. It’s best for you to create a romantic vibe whenever you feel that she is sexually attracted to you. This makes it easier to close the deal. Also, keep in mind that sex releases a bonding hormone called oxytocin.

10 Pheromone Colognes That Work

Androstenetrione- I tested this pheromone as a standalone, and I saw firsthand the way that it works. It makes people see you in a better light. You will appear more attractive to them. Keep in mind that physical beauty is just as important as personality.

Androsterone vs. Androstenone

Androstenone is mainly known as a male pheromone although women produce it in small quantities, as well. This pheromone is connected to male dominance, even slightly aggressive aura.

In nature, the alpha male is the one that attracts all the females because of his ability to produce strong offspring. Humans are affected by the same principle, although it happens subconsciously. Thus, some of the best pheromone colognes contain androstenone. Women will experience sexual attraction to the ‘alpha’ male, the man who appears to be slightly dangerous and dominant.

Androsterone is a pheromone that is produced solely by humans. Once again, it increases physical attraction. There is one main difference between androstenone and androsterone – the second one fails producing the aura of aggression that is connected to the first pheromone.

Androsterone is more likely to make women feel protected and safe, which is related to a different type of attraction. When discussing the strongest pheromones, it is important to point out that androstenone is connected to a more sexual and physical response.


Using products that contain male pheromones will help you enjoy a number of specific and scientifically proven positive effects.

The first and most obvious benefit is the attraction of women. You can successfully utilize pheromone colognes to make yourself more appealing to the opposite sex. Attraction is a lot more than knowing how to flirt and having the right appearance. Chemistry is at play here, as well.

A pheromone cologne can also affect the relationship with your long-term partner. Sometimes, feelings and the intensity of attraction change as the years go by. This cologne will help you enjoy a fresh start and a beautiful relationship transformation.

The fact that you are feeling more liked by ladies will affect your confidence level, as well. One thing leads to another. You will increase your confidence by feeling more attractive and your confidence will, in turn, attract ladies even more.

Finally, male pheromones are also going to affect your social interactions of non-sexual nature. People will find it easier and more pleasing to talk to you. This benefit of male pheromones can affect all aspects of your life ranging from your friendships to your professional growth.

The strongest pheromones work in a simple, yet potent way. It is impossible to stand in the way of chemistry. Different pheromones produce different results, however, and you need to choose products carefully for ultimate success.

What To Expect

Women are attracted to different types of male personalities, so sometimes a love pheromone won’t work with all of them. However, you can generally determine the type of man a particular woman likes and then purchase a pheromone that targets her.

Yes, knowledge is power, and what I’ve actually shared with you is more than what I planned to share. But I’m glad because this subject is so interesting. It’s fun to learn what makes love work.

This discussion may seem on the nerdy side because there are plenty of good articles on romance and lists of romantic pheromones.

There’s one more thing I want to stress before ending this article. Many men stop pursuing women when they think they don’t show interest. This isn’t a good thing.

They don’t go after what they want, and this is why many men fail. They’ll never get good dates like this, in my opinion.

The men who get hot women are the ones who are excited about the chase. They don’t fear rejection. They do it as long as they can.

Even if you don’t use pheromones, being in a romantic relationship is a huge emotional investment.


Yes, I’ve had plenty of romantic relationships end, and I experienced pain. I wanted to know what went wrong with each of the relationships. I don’t think about these women anymore, and I surely don’t want any of them back. However, I can see how pain can turn into depression, helplessness, and anxiety.

Keep in mind that this is just a temporary setback. It may hurt in the very beginning, but you will come out on the other end as a stronger man.

As time goes on, you might realize the breakup was for the best. Don’t be embarrassed because you chased a particular woman for love. You aren’t the only man who has ever done this.

So, there isn’t one particular love pheromone. However, almost everyone is attracted to various scents, and the scent is usually the first thing that you notice about someone. Learn how to use the power of scent to your advantage for love connections.

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