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X4 Labs Penis Extender … How Good Is It?

Penis size is important to the self-confidence and sexuality of every man. The truth is that many men are unhappy with their size and this dissatisfaction affects numerous aspects of life. Surgical penis enlargement can be painful and risky. Additionally, the procedure tends to be rather expensive. A penis extender is a viable and highly efficient alternative. The X4 Labs penis extender is a clinically tested device that does deliver. Here are the science and the facts behind its functioning.

How Does It Work?

The penis extender developed by X4 Labs is a non-surgical device that has to be worn in order to increase penis length and width. It functions on the basis of a very simple principle. The principle of traction uses tension on tissue. The penis extension device is attached to the penis. During the time that it is worn, the device will apply controlled tension. This process will break down cells and force them to regenerate. The breaking down and regeneration of tissue is also connected to improved blood flow to the penis region. The two facts work together to increase the length and the width of the male reproductive organ. The fact that circulation is improved will result in bigger and sustainable erections for a better sexual experience.

The principle of traction has been known to mankind for some time and it has been used to increase penis size. The X4 Labs penis extender, however, is different from other products available on the market. Several important features make it unique and superior. This is a penis extension device that has seen clinical testing. It is also recommended by physicians and surgeons as one of the methods that can guarantee sustainable penis growth. The engineering of the device is highly innovative. Some important innovations allow for proper blood circulation. The comfort straps were added to make sure that the device stays in place for the entire period of application. X4 Labs is also offering different packages that address the needs of all men. You can choose among a Starter, a Gold, a Deluxe and a Premium Gold package. The Starter package includes hybrid support, memory foam comfort pads and an instructional CD. Gentlemen that have very small penis size can also benefit from a special package that is designed to increase the efficiency of the procedures. The support piece in this package is suitable for men that have penis size of four inches or smaller in flaccid state.

What is The Best Penis Extender?

Benefits and Results

A clinical study confirms that the X4 Labs penis extender works. Over 20,000 men volunteered to assess the efficiency of this penis extension method. The average length gain that was achieved over six months of usage totaled 3.3 inches. The average length increase totaled 33.63 percent of the original penis size after five months of usage. The volunteers noticed an increase in penis width, as well. The maximum circumference increase achieved in erected state totaled 2.2 inches. The study confirmed the fact that the principle of traction can be used to increase penis size efficiently and permanently. The selection of the X4 Labs penis extension device is connected to a number of additional benefits. This product comes with a 180-day money back guarantee, which means that you have nothing to lose. Additionally, the penis extender is made of very durable materials and it will remain in top condition for a very long period of time. The spare parts available for each package will give you a chance to modify the device as you experience penis growth.


Most importantly, the X4 Labs extension device is 100 percent safe. Herbal remedies that are supposed to increase penis size will be inefficient, at best. Some of these contain questionable ingredients that might be harmful. Surgical procedures are also connected to the risk of infections and complications. These shortcomings of alternative methods turn the penis extension device into one of the easiest, safest, most efficient and most inexpensive pieces of equipment for your needs. Choosing the X4 Labs penis extender will let you experience positive results in a matter of months. The usage of the device is easy and the engineering perfection makes it the best principle of traction device that the market has to offer. Following instructions carefully will allow you to experience some results in the first month of usage and you will enjoy maximum penis extension in solely six months.

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