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XiSt Pheromones

In my review of XiST pheromones, I share my experience with this potent attraction formula.

Let’s be 100% clear about something right from the start. No pheromone, including XiSt, is going to make every woman want to drop her knickers for you.

What Can Pheromones Do for You?

No matter which you buy, there’s no guarantee you’re going to get laid. Sorry guys, you still need to do a bit of work. But the good news is that products like XiSt can make it a whole lot easier. It gives you that special edge that we could all use from time to time.

XiSt is a powerful pheromone designed to make women feel romantic towards you. It works in several ways. First, it gets men out of the dreaded friend zone. Also, it sparks new romances or even rekindles old ones. Wouldn’t you love to get your ex-girlfriend back?

XiSt hits the reset button for you. Remember that hot woman down the street who refuses to talk to you? Wear XiSt, and she’ll see you as boyfriend material. XiSt works great to wipe the slate clean. It’s beneficial for men who’ve been rejected by beautiful women.

XiSt does exactly what the manufacturer says it will do. Rather than making every woman want to jump into bed with you, it keeps you out of the “friend zone”.

Get Out Of The Friend Zone

XistLet’s face it, most of us have been in situations where we hit on a woman, and the cards all seem to be falling into place. You’re doing a great job, and it seems like it’s only a matter of time before you get it one.

Then it happens; suddenly you’re a great friend, nothing more and nothing less. There’s a fine line between becoming a potential sex partner and becoming a friend. Sure, you can eventually master how to tread the line, but it can take many years and many failed attempts.

XiSt helps you avoid situations like this. In a sense, one could say that it can close the door to the “friend” zone. XiSt tends to make women respond more positively towards you.

Obviously, this automatically makes you feel more confident. In turn, this further boosts your chances of getting laid.

Predictable Results

I’ve used Xist numerous times to get out of the friend zone, and it worked.

I totally escaped the friend zone with a very memorable woman that never gave me the time of day. At first, I acted like a real dork around her and made just about every mistake under the sun. This all took place 3 years ago, but I eventually used XiSt and got her attention.

Now, I can’t say this happened just because of the pheromones, but it made women look at me differently. Now, they see me as romantic boyfriend material, and I like it.

Also during this time, I convinced an ex-girlfriend to come back, once I begged her and used XiSt. Although I changed her perception of me, I ended the relationship. Why? I finally realized that I should have dumped her when she disrespected me. But maybe your situation is different.

Use XiSt to create romantic first impressions with new attractive women. Although it works great for getting out of the friend zone, use it to make women romantically interested in you. The thing is that if you aren’t already in a friend zone, she’ll notice you much quicker.

Also, XiSt works well to keep existing relationships hot. As time goes by, a majority of men, myself included, usually stop working on their relationships. I’ve learned the hard way that women leave when this happens. XiSt keeps things fresh and running smoothly.

Xist will not do everything for you. Keep in mind, I went through a period of self-improvement in order to get out of the friend zone.

Rekindle The Romance

Part of having a meaningful relationship with a woman is creating a feeling of romance. If you feel your relationship is floundering and lacking passion, pheromones like XiST can help bring it back. Women are insecure creatures who want to be loved.

When a man and women love being around each other it happens naturally.

Pheromones like XiST can elevate those romantic feelings on a subconscious level. Because you just click like that. And too many people tend to try to make connections happen and force romance. And that’s why you see lots of relationships fail.

Best Pheromone Perfumes For Women

They work when you can come up with solutions to keep the intimacy going. And sometimes that isn’t working and patience is the best key, and that desire to stay together is what’s tested.

XiSt is probably not a great choice for guys who are shy and have almost no experience chatting with women. If you’re shy, then check out Pherazone. But, if you’re already confident enough to talk to her, then all’s you’ll need are a couple drops. This will keep you out of the friend zone. Okay, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons:

What I Like

  • Versatile – XiSt Pheromone Oil for Men can be used as a standalone product, or if you can pair it with other pheromones for more powerful effects.
  • Friend Zone Blocker – Nearly every review you come across makes reference to just how well XiSt works in helping you to steer clear of the friend zone.
  • Long Lasting – You only need to apply 2 or 3 drops at a time. Each application works for 6 to 8 hours.

As you can see, Xist has its benefits. Honestly, I can’t believe how well it works for me. But then again, this pheromone was derived from an intense formula called the “Instant Boyfriend”. It has a reputation for making women cling emotionally to its wearers. Women become jealous when other women come around. All in all, the “Instant Boyfriend” formula turns women on.

Unfortunately, the main ingredient for a314 is no more. But the company owner, who once worked for Androtics Direct, came up with his own formula.

What Could Be Better

  • Not Broad Spectrum – XiSt is not well-suited for guys who are shy around women they’ve never met before.


Overall, I found XiST to be a lot of fun and worthwhile! My girlfriend really enjoys the way it smells and it’s been one of my go-to pheromone colognes for men. I use it when I take her out on special occasions. And when we spend some quiet time together cuddled on the couch.

XiSt works amazingly well to create romance. I’ve had some rather awkward moments with women. They’ve put me in the friend zone and even dumped me. As a matter of fact, my current relationship has had plenty of ups and downs. The bottom line is that I am not a playboy type of guy.

However, XiSt is so intense that it practically reset my life. Surprisingly, it doesn’t just work on women that you already know. It also makes new women form romantic feelings towards you. It can make women who’ve already rejected you change their mind. Just think about the opportunities that you’ll get with new ones.

I’ve used XiSt for many years, and it’s still one of my favorite pheromones. Make sure to grab a bottle today!

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